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2010 Aug 13

Increase Bankroll With Poker No Deposit Bonus

Poker Bonus is a term that every poker player is familiar with whether it’s a ‘Deposit Bonus’ or a ‘No Deposit Bonus’. When it comes to poker bonus, every player wants to grab it every now and then. The reason is very easy to understand. Everybody wants to have free money in their account to play their favorite game.

Out of these two kinds of bonuses, ‘poker no deposit bonus’ is more popular among the poker players as with a ‘poker deposit bonus’ a player does not need to make a deposit in his account and he can play with the free money that is given as a bonus.

The poker players are always on a hunt to look out for information about different ‘no deposit bonuses’ for poker. Mostly all the online poker rooms offer a ‘poker no deposit bonus’ to the players. The amount of these poker bonuses may vary from one poker room to another, but they are always wanted by the poker players.
A big advantage with a ‘poker no deposit bonus’, you do not need to risk your own money while you play poker at an online poker room. You get free money as a ‘poker bonus’ in your poker account. This free money as a bonus is given to you when you sign up at an online poker room. You can use this free bonus money to play any poker game or you can also use this free cash to enter a poker free roll or a poker tournament.
Though, it is true that using a ‘poker no deposit bonus’ has very good advantages for a poker player, however it is not easy to use this free money as there are certain wagering requirements that are linked to this poker bonus. With every ‘poker no deposit bonus’ there are some play through and withdrawal requirements. The wagering requirements of these poker bonuses may differ from one poker room to another. These requirements need the poker player to play certain amount of hands or to earn certain amount of money before he can withdraw the winnings. Some poker rooms may have a wagering requirement with this poker bonus like for every in bonus, a player is needed to accumulate 5 player points. So let’s say if a player has got a poker no deposit bonus of 0, then it would mean that the player would need a minimum of 500 points in order to be able to clear the 0 in bonus.
A player cannot clear his poker bonus if he does not meet these linked wagering requirements.
Poker no deposit bonus is a good strategy of online poker rooms. It works well for them as a good weapon to sustain in the competitive online gambling industry. All poker rooms want to make sure that every new player signs up at their site.

You can view All poker bonus codes latest Poker bonus information on bigbonuspoker

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2010 Aug 13

Conventional Versus Online Casino Roulette Game

Out of all the casino games available to play today casino roulette is one of the oldest and most popular betting games in the world. A roulette table in a conventional casino has a red and black colored wheel. People have to bet on the numbers (37 in European roulette whereas 38 in American roulette) given on the wheel or series of numbers or colors or odd/even numbers. A croupier spins the wheel in one direction and a ball in the other direction. The ball spins along with the roulette wheel covering the whole circumference. Eventually the ball loses speed and falls on a number slot on the wheel. The casino roulette dealer gives out the winning number and puts a marker on the winning area on the roulette table so everyone can easily see if they have won or not. No bet can be placed at this time. Finally the winning money is handed out and the dealer sweeps away the losing bets.

Playing an online version of casino roulette at one of the hundreds of great casinos with the game is more or less similar to that of playing in a real Vegas style casino. The only thing is that you will not have to drive around for hours to find a casino offering a roulette game or make any special arrangements and dress up for the occasion. But for online roulette you just need a computer and Internet connectivity. With these you can start playing the game from anywhere or from the comfort of your own home.

While you are playing online roulette you have to register yourself on a site offering the online game. The betting obviously cannot be done with real chips. Here you have to click on the ‘virtual chips’ and collect them on your screen instead of stacking them on the table as you do in a casino. On the net there is no option for spinning the wheel or ball. Therefore the ball placement is decided by a piece of sophisticated software called a Random Number Generator.

The best way to learn the game of roulette and the strategies is to join online roulette table. A number of sites offer free registration. Here you can have the fun and excitement of the casino roulette without having to spend money while you learn. In a conventional casino you will not have an option to learn without losing some money. The only option will be to observe others while the game is on.

Playing casino roulette is one of the most exciting form of gambling. For this reason and like all gambling games it can be addictive. While you may not have an access to a casino always, online roulette is available to you whenever you want. So, one has to be careful to keep the gambling streak under control. The atmosphere of fun and excitement that you get in a real casino is absent when you play from home. Nevertheless whether played in a casino or online roulette can be a most thrilling experience.

The writer of this article likes games that are purely luck based like casino roulette online and slots games, please visit the super casino roulette website for the UK for more to read.

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2010 Aug 13

Online Poker Room – Learn poker odds when playing free poker Online

If you like to play poker, you can do so easily enough when finding an online poker room. There are plenty of casinos online where you can play for money or even play free poker online. If you are looking for a way to relax and hone in your poker skills, you can do so when you play fee poker online. 


Before you join an online poker room, be sure that you can play for free.  After this is established, you can then join in the fun. While you will not be winning money, this is the best way to get used to playing poker online. You can learn all about poker odds when you are playing for fun instead of playing for money. 


Most poker players use the odds when they are playing poker. Odds are figured on mathematical equations and analyzing what has already been played. Players figure on outs, pot odds, bet odds and implied odds. While none of these are a sure fire way to win, they can prevent poker player from making moves that can cost them the game. For example, the outs are the cards that are still in the deck. If you have four hearts after the turn, you can figure that you only have 9 outs left to get the flush you are looking for – a game winner in Texas Holdem. 


When you are playing free poker online, you have a chance to develop your poker strategy without risking money. You can learn how to play the odds without a great financial risk. Pot odds are another way that you can analyze the game. Look to see how everyone is betting. How many of them are calling your bet is crucial in any game of poker, which is why it is vital to bet in sequence. In the aforementioned scenario, if only 6 people are calling your betting, you have a 1 in 5 chance of hitting your flush. Checking out the betting odds is one way that you can learn the strategy of playing the odds. 


Pot odds should not be ignored. If you have that flush and have only one more bet coming at you, and there is 0 in the pot, your odds are pretty good that you are going to win. However, if people are continuing to raise you, the odds go down as to your winning with that hand as someone else may hold a full house or higher. 


When playing poker, play close attention to implied odds. This is whether others are just calling you or raising the bet. If other players are calling you because they think you have the flush, then the odds are that you will win with this hand. Watching the outs, pot odds, bet odds and implied odds are a strategy that you cannot afford to ignore when you are playing Texas Holdem or any other type of poker game, either in an online poker room or anywhere else.  


It often pays to learn about poker odds when you are playing free poker online. This is because you are not privy to the faces of those around you and cannot use eye reactions as a way to judge their hands. Some poker players, when they are playing off line, will wear sunglasses at the table so that they cannot reflect anything that is in their hands. You should understand the poker odds when you are playing at an online poker room by learning what the odds are of you winning with the hand you are dealt. 


A great many poker players will use the poker odds as well as judge reactions when they are playing poker. When you play in an online poker room, you cannot see the faces of those who you are playing with and it helps to be able to figure out equations in your head. The odds are not only determined by the chances you have of getting the cards you need to make a good hand, but also the chances that you can win with the hand that you have. Much of this comes from observing how everyone is betting. 


Having a good understanding about poker odds is one of the essentials of playing good poker. It is said that those who do well when playing in an online poker room are those who primarily play with the odds.  Most players will use both odds and observation of mannerisms to decide whether they want to bet, fold or call. Learning simple mathematical equations, such as the percentages of making an out to get the card you need means using numerator factors to figure on the cards you have not seen. Calculate your percentages of getting a winning hand by dividing the numbers of the other pocket cards by the deck during the pre flop, after the flop or after the turn. 


Playing free poker online gives you an advantage when you are playing the odds. As is the case with anything else, the more you play at an online poker room, the better you become at ascertaining the odds. The more you play free poker online, therefore, the better you will become at trying to figure the odds for this game. 


It is important to realize that when playing at an online poker room or anywhere else that you take the outs, pot odds, bet odds and implied odds into consideration. You not only have to watch your own hand, but those of everyone else as well.


Poker is a fun game and can even end up earning you cash if you become good at your craft. There is a certain skill to playing this game and, unlike other gambling sports; you are not playing against the house, where the odds are stacked against you. Someone has to win and it can easily be you if you develop a strategy that uses poker odds. 


In order to become a good poker player, learn to play the odds and start out by playing free poker online. The more you play, the more tips you will receive and the better you will become at the game. Look for an online poker room that is challenging and fun and will let you play for free so that you can hone in your poker strategy and become a winner in this game.


When you are learning to play the odds with online poker , you should start by playing free poker online. Go to World Wide Poker to find out more.

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2010 Aug 12

Slots Galore Casino | 120+ Vegas Technology Games

Slots Galore Casino is a fresh new online casino site that offers a no-frills gaming experience from the word go. The casino works off the powerful Vegas Technology software platform and is thus highly dependable and robust. The site is fully licensed and regulated in Antigua and Barbuda and markets itself to the entire world.

Software and Games
Vegas Technology has been around in the industry for years and players have come to recognize its game and software as synonymous with top quality and an all-encompassing gaming experience.

All imaginable games are represented in the games package at this site. There are lots of choices in the table games department, especially roulette, with craps also a firm favorite. Casino Galore features strongly on the card games list, while blackjack fans will love the variety.

Video poker fans should find every type of game they enjoy, with the online casino carrying all the old favorites, as well as a couple of new titles to keep things interesting.

Dozens of slots titles feature at this site, ranging from classic slot machines to a huge range of video and bonus slots at every betting level and with themes to suit even the most discerning player.

Players who have their eye on a massive jackpot win should try their luck at the progressive jackpots supported by this online casino through games such as Pay Dirt! and Red White and Win.

The powerful games package is simple to navigate and particularly robust, and is considered one of the most technologically advanced software platforms in the world.

Players will be bowled over by the superb and ultra-realistic graphics incorporated into this package, as well as the last word in sound features.

Bonuses and Promotions
A site that boasts having the highest payouts online certainly goes to town when rewarding its casino customers. Players will find genuine offers that aim to attract new customers to this site while existing players can take advantage of a limited time reload offer.

The VIP program at this site is not by invitation only and players get rewarded from their first wager on the site. The more bets and deposits made, the higher the player climbs up the tiers of the loyalty scheme and the more rewards are made.

Payment and Payouts
As a global facing online casino, this site provides players with multiple deposit and payout methods that have been handpicked for their convenience, safety and discreetness. Players can choose to fund their online casino accounts with a number of methods that include the more traditional and the latest alternative banking systems.

Payout options are safe and secure when winnings are withdrawn. All payouts are processed in US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros and done quickly and with minimum hassle.

As a site that is hoping to establish a sound reputation for itself in the gaming industry, this online casino takes all the necessary steps to ensure that its players enjoy a safe and secure gambling environment. All information at the site is double encrypted to ensure privacy and safety at all times.

The site also boasts a sound privacy policy where it commits to respect the personal information and privacy of all casino visitors.

One of the best ways to ensure that players feel at ease at all times at any website is to ensure that a good customer support team is available to answer any questions. This online casino provides assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through a number of easy-to-access channels, including toll free phone, email, and – the most effective – live chat.

Slots Galore Casino
Slots Galore has definitely hit the nail on the head when putting together a site that encompasses everything that a player is seeking in a gaming experience – an undisputed leader in the software department that provides a bevy of superb games, top notch security and customer support, great bonuses and promotions to attract players and convenient payment methods.

This information was accurate when it was written but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all information directly with the casino. is the ultimate online casino guide giving you all the information you need to choose the right online casino for you. It’s a great resource for information on finding a reputable online casino like Slots Galore Casino along with over 350 more online casino reviews.

Music video by Jimmy Eat World performing Big Casino. (C) 2007 Interscope Records
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2010 Aug 12

How to Play Roulette and Win – Roulette Tips and Strategies

Short review of DCS Software

Roulette System: 

Several weeks ago money maker machine team released a new type of auto play roulette software that allow the player to build his own strategy or strategies based already on columns or dozens betting.

As you know all their roulette software are based on open source roulette system format that always will keep the player secure while playing.

So I can say a very simply software to use so all you should do is to select the casino where you want to play also the strategy you want to play and to click start new game button.

Related to online casinos where you can play, then you have from what to select because as I know more then 70 online casinos can be used.
Finally this mean that auto play software can recognize any roulette tables from all these online casinos and many others will be added soon.

Related to strategy you can use, then also a lot of available strategies from simply to complex.
In case you have something special in your mind then this also can be implemented via palette module.

No this is not hard to do and I can say even very easy because the palette database consist of a lot of premade palettes that you can load or play and I can say that you also can modify any of them so finally you will receive your own strategy for you game.

Ok this is all about base modules and the base methods you will use to start a simple game.

During the game you will have several modules that will show you real time the game process and here I mean:
1. Game Console
2. Betting Palette Screen
3. Real Time Palette Modification

So game console will keep you informed during the game so you always will know what do auto play software and how much it bet for every step.

Related to betting palette screen that it will show you not only what do now DCS but what he did in the past and what it will do in the future.
So relax DCS nothing will do without to let you know about this.

Related to Real Time Palette Modification then this is another useful feature allowing changing real time your active strategy.

Finally to not forget about game log module that will record any of actions was made during the game so latter you can review you game in order to improve it.

For more info and for the new strategies I will recommend to reach our dcs palettes team that always will be happy to help you and will share always the last info related to dcs palettes development.

After review of all their auto play roulette software I can say that this network develop the most unique software related to roulette tools and free roulette systems so in case you plan to use their software then you will get not only one roulette system but a roulette tool capable to generate and play a lot of roulette strategies.

I recommend to all to reach this network.
I saw also other communities on the internet but most of them are focused or to affiliate business or to advertising while this community is focused only to development of roulette tools and roulette systems and even to roulette strategies analyze.
What was new for me being members of this community is I can know always what they developed in past and what they do know and even what they will do in the future.

Also you could find our web site in big search engine like that: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista … The keywords are: roulette tool, money maker machine, roulette system.

If you have any questions at all, just click on the Contact Us link to get in touch with us. We will always reply to every email we receive.
For more information visit the official Money Maker Machine website!

We are a professional software developing team aiming roulette tools for online casinos.

Company: Money Maker Machine


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2010 Aug 12

The History, Forms, And Reputation of Roulette Wheels

Roulette wheels are perhaps among the most iconic symbols of the game of chance. Those who are keen can see the influence of roulette wheels everywhere, especially in the games people play today. For example, consider the appearance of the wheels in television game shows such as “Wheel of Fortune” and “The Price is Right.” Their resemblance to the roulette wheels is almost unmistakable. Needless to say, roulette wheels are nothing short of iconic; they symbolize luck itself, and everything related to it. This is also a testament to the popular of the roulette, a popular casino game. A cursory look at the roulette wheels is like a look at the history of gambling games itself.

The roulette game is probably one of the oldest gambling games around. It originated in France during the 18th century as a fusion of popular wheel games from England and Italy. Obviously, wheel games have already been around way before the invention of the roulette wheel, but the roulette game is obviously the most enduring as it is still being played today. Roulette, in its current form, started during the late 1790s in Paris. During this time, it already had the slots that were made “for the bank,” as the description goes-what is known today as the zero and the double zero roulette wheel tiles. The game became so popular during the 1800s that not only did it spread in Europe; it also became extremely popular in America. It was in America where the double zero slots in the roulette wheels were first derived.

Changes in the form of such games are very common, especially when it comes to gambling games, so the variations in the roulette wheels are only its natural course. In Europe, there is only one zero tile (the single zero slot), making the odds in winning a European roulette game easier. With two zero slots, the American slot game is slightly more difficult, with a 37 to one chances of winning with every straight-up bet. The numbers in the roulette wheels range from one to 36, although its order in the wheel is not consecutive. It also has two colors, red and black.

Not surprisingly, many people relate roulette wheels to many things. Besides being some sort of universal symbol for games of chance, it was, at one point, associated to the supernatural. This was during the 1860s, when the famous Blanc family went to Monte Carlo after gambling was banned in Germany. According to a popular legend, Francois Blanc bargained with the devil himself to get the secrets of the roulette game. This was justified since the sum of all 36 numbers in the wheel adds to what, according to the Bible, is supposedly the “number of the beast.”

Today, however, when people see roulette wheels, they instantly associate it with casinos and gambling. This is not surprising, too, since roulette would seem like the most fundamental game of chance when one looks at the core of all casino games. And while it may seem dated and out of style to others, roulette and roulette wheels will always be iconic symbols of luck and chance.

If you are interested in the new live dealer casino games like live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live Texas Hold’em you can check out more information at Find the most recent high roller casino bonuses to get the most out of your playing experience.

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2010 Aug 12

Online Poker Rooms That Accept US Poker Players

Why did online poker rooms stop accepting US poker players and What happened?

President Bush On Friday October 13, 2006 signed a bill that affected online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, bingos whose principal purpose is to tighten security measures for the United States sea ports. Attached to that bill was a federal ban on banking institutions knowingly transferring funds to businesses or people that may conduct gambling operations in United States and areas where gambling is prohibited. Many online casinos left the United States marketplace, but, gambling at online casinos is not illegal in most of the United States.

There are 11 states; Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana (felony to play online poker), Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington (felony to play online poker) and Wisconsin that disallows gambling online, but there are 39 that have no laws against playing online poker or casino games.

Full Tilt Poker is an online poker room that allows Americans to play online poker after the United States passed the bill in October, 2006. Full Tilt Poker offers the best in online poker with world famous pros, a huge bonus, real or play money. Play poker online now, it is free to download. Try ther free online poker game 24 hours a day on state-of-the-art online poker software. Play for real money or for free in tournaments or ring games. Full Tilt Poker’s online poker room was designed by world class poker professionals, and offers you the ability to learn, chat, and play online poker with the pros.

Check out Full Tilt Poker at

Absolute Poker is an online poker room that allows US poker players to play online poker after the United States passed the bill in October, 2006, and Absolute Poker are a privately held poker room so the new law does not affect their business like other poker rooms.

Online Poker for Live Players Online Poker, joining this online poker room lets you experience the excitement of playing against live players from all over the world and winning big money and prizes in our great tournaments. Real and play-money games are available and a great bonus and rewards system for everyone. Maybe you will meet Serinda Swan at a poker table? Read how to find Serinda. All you have to do is download their poker software, Log in and start playing online poker.

Check out Absolute Poker at

UltimateBet Poker is an online poker room that allows US online poker players to play online poker after the United States passed the bill in October, 2006. Designed with the assistance of the best poker players in the world, Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke, UltimateBet provides the best poker games available on the Internet. Poker players can download the free poker software, play in free ring games and tournaments and get tips from these pros to learn the sport or to enhance their playing strategy. UltimateBet currently has over 2 million registered players.

Check out Ultimatebet Poker at is another online poker room that allows US poker players to play online poker after the United States passed the bill in October, 2006.

Make your first deposit with now and receive a 100% Bonus, up to 0 FREE. When you join you will receive entry to the New Player Freerolls every 3 hours for 4 weeks. Everyday at tournaments they run with huge guaranteed prize pools. Freeroll tournaments run every 2 hours. Plus everyday there is either a ,000, ,000 or ,000 Freeroll. The software has a range of features that are not available in any other poker software online. You can contact their player support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through email or live chat. Every Sunday at 15:00 runs a ,000 Freeroll, and on the last Sunday of every month holds a ,000 Freeroll. is the only poker room with instant payouts, Click2Pay and NETeller. You could win your way to the WSOP, the WPT, the Aussie Millions and more by playing their daily satellite tournaments and much more

Check out at

Play Online Poker at the Fastest Growing Online Poker Rooms in the World.

James Murray is a successful writer and online gambling expert providing valuable tips and advice for those interested in gambling and online gambling strategies. His numerous articles found on the Internet ,provide useful and factual gambling information and insight. Some of his websites are,,

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2010 Aug 11

Back to the Future: Online Poker I

So how did poker go from back alley to your laptop? Let’s look at the first interesting fact of our two-part series about online poker.

How many times did we wonder how life was going to be after the year 2000? Well, some of us spent quite some time wondering and dreaming about it; it even lead to the creation of cartoon entertainment shows like “The Jetsons,” sci-fi movies and shows that would show a completely different planet than the one we had back then: vehicles flying at light speed, people replacing food with tablets or strange-looking shakes, people being born from womb-like machine eggs, etc.

Who would have thought that sites such as Party Poker were going to be the future of traditional table poker? Nobody ever thought that calling, folding or raising money to a poker game was going to be a click away, that poker players from all around the world were going to be able to meet for a tournament from their own homes, wearing their pajamas, and that they were going to be represented in a screen by their own nickname in an ‘almost real’-looking poker room with chairs, tables, dealers, animation and everything! To think about how many books were written in the 20th century about visual strategy and reading your opponents when now people have eliminated that aspect from poker while playing at a virtual setting makes you wonder: is online poker going to replace poker completely in the future?

Online poker originated from IRC poker, a form of poker played over the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in the 90’s. Internet Relay Chat, a form of internet chat or synchronized conferencing, was a program developed by Finnish software developer Jarkko Oikarinen, who, while working for the University of Oulu in 1988, created the first IRC server and client programs, in an effort to replace the MUT (MultiUser Talk) program used then by the Finnish BBS Oulubox. Inspiring on a chat system called Bitnet Relay (chat service running on a special id on several suitable hosts in the Bitnet) which operated on the BITNET, a network that preceded the internet, created in 1981 as a cooperative university network in which e-mail messages and files would travel from one server to another. According to NetHistory, BITNET originally stood for “Because It’s There Network,” and with time, it adopted the name “Because It’s Time Network,” becoming so popular among universities that it extended to almost 500 organizations and 3,000 nodes. All colleges and educational institutions could join BITNET by meeting the following requirements: “a. lease a data circuit (phone line) from [their] site to an existing BITNET node; b. buy modems for each end of the data circuit, sending one to the connecting point site; c. allow other institutions to connect to [their] site.”

Therefore, Oikarinen used the Bitnet Relay resources available at them moment to create the IRC, which gained its place in the telecommunication world when it was used by military institutions for communicating when media blackouts occurred. After this, IRC became a popular tool for remote and fast communication, and it wasn’t long until it started being used for games, including poker.

IRC poker used a program to deal and manage poker games, and one-line commands had to be typed directly with a standard IRC client, receiving one-line responses from the dealer program, which made games flow faster than face-to-face games. Soon, graphical IRC clients were developed, eliminating the typing feature. IRC poker used imaginary money, which was appealing to beginners who wanted to learn their skills without risking their bankroll. This primitive virtual poker helped personalities like Chris Ferguson build their poker edge until they felt strong enough to play for real.

In the late 1990’s, Mike Caro, already a poker writer, computer programmer and visionary, co-founded Planet Poker, a virtual casino which offered real money poker games for the first time in virtual gaming history. He had the vision that virtual poker games were going to prosper in the gaming community since the mid 80’s; according to Al Moe in his article Legends of Poker: Mike Caro. Moe reports: “His own artificially intelligent poker-playing computer, ORAC (Caro backwards), made it to national TV where it played Bob Stupak in a 0,000 challenge match. Bob put up his own money, and Caro’s friend, casino owner Jackie Gaughn, backed the computer. ABC’s ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ filmed the match, which Stupak eventually won.”

According to Planet Poker, the first years of online poker were not easy. Even though they knew that virtual poker had certain advantages over table poker, such as eliminating real table distractions and the stress of keeping a cool and mysterious poker face, there were immediate challenges to online poker: bluffing or calling bluffs would not exist in virtual poker, since that is an exclusive feature of face-to-face poker, and marketing virtual gaming, which had to do with the fact that the internet and computer use was still establishing as a new communication trend in the world, thus making it difficult for the virtual casino to have as big a clientele as brick and mortar casinos. However, they started brainstorming on virtual poker publicity, and they focused on the advantages over face-to-face poker: “first, they ran some clever quarter page ads in Card Player and elsewhere, extolling the virtues of online poker. Play in your pajamas, play at 2 a.m., play even if you can’t make the regular game, the ads said. The pitch was a good one, and the players began to arrive. ‘We were all skeptical at first. But the proof was all around us. Poker was actually being played remotely.’ Before long, hundreds of players at a time were playing online poker in Planet Poker’s virtual cardroom, and the Internet poker revolution had begun in earnest.” The issue of trusting a virtual casino was quickly resolved by keeping an impeccable reputation with customers: “Poker hands were examined, cheats were barred from the online poker game, and players were reimbursed for legitimate grievances. Like any cardroom, virtual ones gained their players’ trust through fair and honest dealing.”

After Poker Planet’s big virtual step, the rest is history. Creativity boosted competition between emerging virtual casinos, and an array of marketing promotions and incentives can now be found all over the internet, with established sites such as Party Poker maintaining as big a clientele as real casinos do.

Next week’s topic will be “Chapter Two: The best poker school,” which will offer some examples of why online poker has been the best school for poker players.

This article was published courtesy of

Poker Source Online ( is one of the most popular poker communities on the net, offering free poker gifts, free poker money, and freerolls to members since 2004. We are proud to offer 24/7 online support. PSO is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Russian.

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2010 Aug 11

Sahara Sands Casino | Offers Fun & Excitement

Sahara Sands Casino is a delightful oasis-themed online casino that enjoys the advantage of being powered by the Rival Gaming software group. As such, the site welcomes players from the United States, which is always good to learn, as well as other countries from around the world. The casino is owned by the UK-based Silverstone Overseas Limited group, which is wholly owned by the Curacao licensed Bonne Chance NV.

Software and Games
Rival Software group’s games are always a pleasure to play online, and Sahara Sands is no exception. All in all, there are over 90 state-of-the-art casino games that are waiting to be discovered at this site, and they can be played either in the web-based Flash version for instant gaming gratification, or in a downloadable format that should take several moments to add to the player’s system. In addition, players can choose to play for real money or for free.

The games on offer include exciting titles that incorporate classic slots, video slots, table games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and poker), as well as video poker and specialty games such as keno and sudoku. Scratch and win games are also part of the action at this site. In addition, players can stand in line to win massive amounts of cash through the progressive games that continue to grow all the time at this online casino.

Special mention should also be given to Rival’s iSlots series of slot games that continues to keep players entertained for hours through its interactive character based games and immersive gaming action.

Bonuses and Promotions
Special incentives are put out regularly by the casino to encourage players to sign up and to get them to stay at this site. An amazing 0 new player sign on bonus is currently available, while a free no deposit bonus is also offered for those who want to test-drive the casino first. All loyal customers are rewarded with reload bonuses in the form of purchase incentives, game specific offers, cash back rewards, daily bonuses and lots more.

Loyalty points can also be collected by real money players and all players automatically qualify. These points can be redeemed at any time in specific increments and are well worth their value.

Payment and Payouts
This online casino recognizes the player’s need to find a payment method that is simple and convenient to use. As such, a number of payment methods have been selected to allow players to fund their online casino accounts with good, safe methods, allowing players to concentrate more on their gaming and less on money matters.

In addition, withdrawals are fast and absolutely no hassle, allowing players to enjoy their rewards and winnings quicker.

There is no doubt that security is a top priority for this site and emphasis is placed on providing a safe gaming environment for players at all times. All information, financial, personal or otherwise, is protected by 128 SSL encryption technology.

All efforts are made to ensure that the player is able to relax completely when putting money at this site.

Customer support is another area where this online casino shines through, and the site is committed to providing a friendly and efficient service to players at all times. Players can contact the support team through a number of email channels, as well as toll-free numbers from the UK and the US.

In addition, live support is a viable form of communication with the site, where players can contact customer support instantly and around-the-clock.

Sahara Sands Casino
The appeal of Sahara Sands Casino can definitely be understood. Not only has the site got a great theme that evokes images of exotic lands and luxury vacations, but it also brings instant Vegas entertainment to the player’s fingertips in no time at all. Combine all this with top notch customer support that is on call 24/7, top games and software through the Rival platform, nearly 100 games and easy payment methods, and it is easy to understand the direction that this casino is heading.

This information was accurate when it was written but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all information directly with the casino. is the ultimate online casino guide giving you all the information you need to choose the right online casino for you. It’s a great resource for information on finding a reputable online casino like Sahara Sands Casino along with over 350 more online casino reviews.

Trailer Casino Royale (1967) The first James Bond parody, based on the Ian Flemming Novel, David Nivens, Peter Sellers, and Woody Allen star as James, James, and Jimmy to thwart Smirch and it’s gambler leader, Orson Welles.
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2010 Aug 11

Poker: Poker Chips and Tricks

Are you a poker addict or maybe just a beginner? If you are serious with poker then you will need lots of poker chips. Poker chips have transcended the poker game itself into a different game altogether. Poker chips are used nowadays in poker chip tricks. These, my friend, are not cheap tricks, mind you! Poker chip tricks have been developed through long rigorous hours of playing poker. Poker addicts have developed a method killing waiting time. Also, poker chip tricks are used to intimidate other poker players. You might have seen a player randomly rotate his stack of poker chips using a single hand. Some poker fanatics also employ magic coin tricks using poker chips. Not only is watching this very fun to look at but it is also a very serious discipline. Learning these poker chip tricks needs hours to master. A serious poker player is different from a serious poker chip tricks master. Often, the poker fanatics are also the trick players, but poker chip tricks have surpassed the mere poker game. There are even poker chip trick tournaments in the US!

Poker chips can vary from one to another. Moreover, poker chips come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The weight of poker chips is also standardized, and there are heavier pieces and lighter chips. There are two basic poker chip weights – the 11.5 grams and the 13 grams. However, there are many variations of these, depending on the maker of your poker chips. There are also 10 gram chips. The most popular types of poker chips are made of clay and plastic. Some chips are made of mahogany and oak, and there are even graphite chips that are still rare in the market today. Most of the chips available for your poker needs are actually bought in sets that range from 200 to 600 pieces, depending on how many players will be playing them. Traditionally, a player will need 100 pieces. So a 2 player game will need 200 to 300 poker chips. A 400 chip set can be used by up to 4 poker players.

There are many poker companies that provide poker chip sets. Some even offer customized poker chips. Have you ever seen a Mc Donald’s logo in a poker chip? Or a picture of someone else’s face printed in another? These are just some of the possibilities in a custom poker chip set. They are often used for advertising products, while some of them are specifically designed by poker fanatics. Some poker chips are numbered while some others have flags or emblems imprinted on them.

Poker chips, apart from the game have become a lucrative business and a lucrative fanaticism. There are also rare poker pieces that are collector¡¯s items! Because it is both a hobby and an addiction, there are also slick poker chip set cases. These are often made of aluminum, while some more expensive ones are made up of graphite. Other popular poker chip cases are also made up of carbon fiber, wood, vinyl and leather.

Another interesting thing to note about poker chips is that they sound differently. Expert poker players and/or poker chip tricks masters have their own preferences of chips. The best chips are those that have a sharp, crisp sound when they fall. These types of chips are the most common chips that are found in casinos worldwide.

Poker tricks and poker chips will stay with us for an indefinite period of time. Poker is a very exciting and interesting game that had been with us for many, many years and will be with us for a very long time. It is played from the time of kings and queens, and until now, a royal flush is the best way to have all the poker chips at your side!

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Being a HUGE fan of Lady GaGa, I’ve gotten hundreds of request to replicate her eye makeup in Poker Face…but I thought…why not just go all out and just replicate the entire look, hair, accessories and makeup! I’m not trying to be her, nor think I look like her. I’m just having fun cosplaying as Lady GaGa. You don’t need the blonde wig or anything, they’re just for fun. The gloves are sick though! Love them. This look is great for prom, clubbing and other glamorous occasions. Half Finger Gloves Blonde Wig More photos here Original Songs by Lady GaGa Just Dance Poker Face Makeup I used Bee Luscious Concealer in Light Peach. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric in #2 Afterglow Minerals in Ivory Urban Decay Primer Potion Revlon Illuminance in Twilight NYX in Ultra Chic Lise Watier in Les Carbons Maybelline Ultra Liner Ardell Lashes Mac 217 Brush NYX Dollhouse Mascara Clinique Bronzer- Sunkissed Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss KARAOKE-VERSION / KARAFUN / RECISIO Just Dance Poker Face

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