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2010 Sep 7

Introduction to Roulette and Online Roulette

Roulette is a popular casino games whose exact origins are unknown. The game is thought to have originated in France, but others say it was brought to Europe from China by Dominican monks. When the Prince of Monaco turned to gambling as a way to support the principality, he brought in the game of roulette. This was the beginning of Monaco as a haven for the rich and famous and the popularity of the game in Europe. Francois and Louis Blanc added a zero to the wheel in 1842 and a set of double zeros had to be added before the game caught on in the United States. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games today.

Roulette: Table game

Roulette is a table game with a wheel that has thirty-seven or thirty-eight pockets in it. If the wheel has thirty-eight pockets, it means there is a double zero on it. This is the one to avoid, if possible, because the house odds are doubled on this kind of wheel. The wheel is spun and the ball whirls around and lands in one of the pockets. The person who spins the wheel is called the croupier. He is a member of the casino staff who takes the bets and pays out the winnings. He does not play the game. The betting is on where the ball will land: a particular number, red or black, or in which sections of the wheel, or on other combinations. The numbers are consecutive on the wheel. You will find zero opposite double zero, one opposite two, three opposite four, etc. with every other pockets being red and black. The pocket for the zero is green. It is a simple game of chance that is easy to learn for beginners.

When you look at the roulette table, you will find a section on it where you place your bets. This is a grid-like rectangle, called the layout. On the left are two hexagons with the zero and double zero entries. To the right of the hexagons are three rows of numbers. The number one is in the third row, first box. Two is above it and the first row has three in the first box. Four is in the second row, second box, and so on. The box colors will be red or black, indicating the color of the pocket on the wheel. The 2:1 odds are in boxes at the end of row. Below the number grid are three rectangles that have “1st 12”, “2nd 12” and “3rd 12” in them. This indicates betting on a column that has twelve number combinations in it. The bottom row boxes are labeled “1 to 18’ on the left side and “19 to 36” on the right side. Next to that on the inside are “Even” and “Odd”. The middle two boxes contain a red diamond and a black diamond, indicating bets on colors. Any bet that isn’t placed on the thirty-eight numbers is called an outside bet. “Even”, for example, and “Red” would be outside bets because they are not on a number.

Betting is accomplished by placing chips on the “box”. Players can place bets until the ball drops and the croupier signals that placing bets is ended. There are a variety of ways in which players can bet and each of the ways carries different odds of winning and, therefore, has different payouts. Betting on a single number is called a Straight-Up bet. It is the hardest one to win but has the highest payout, with the odds being 35:1. Betting on two numbers on a line is called a Split. If the ball lands in the pocket of either number you win at odds of 17:1. You can bet on a three number combination in which case the bet is called a Street. The odds are 11:1 that any of the three numbers will win. A Corner

is a bet on four adjacent numbers. The chips are put in the middle of the four numbers. This pays 8:1 if any one of the four numbers wins. A six number combination bet, called a Six Line, pays 5:1, and a Column bet on twelve numbers (1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12) pays 2:1. All the betting combinations on the bottom row of rectangles (Red, Even, etc.) are even money bets with a 1:1 ratio. They pay back the amount of the bet.

Up to eight players can play at one roulette wheel. The croupier will signal when bets are to be placed and he will signal again at the end of the betting period. You don’t place a bet until the chips from the previous game have been cleared. Each player will have different colored chips, purchased from the croupier at the beginning. This way one player’s bet can be distinguished from the others. So for the beginner, you walk up to the table and buy chips. When the croupier signals for the players to place their bets, you placed the desired amount of chips on one of the boxes, say red. The croupier signals the end of betting and drops the ball. The players wait to see where the ball lands. The croupier announces the winning pocket and pays the winners, then clears the table. When he is ready, he signals for the next round of bets.

Roulette: Very simple game for beginners

Roulette is a good game for beginning gamblers because it is simple. Luck is more important than strategy. People have their favorite numbers that they play. Players can increase their chances of winning by making outside bets. They will win less than on a straight-up bet, but they will probably win more often. The house always has the advantage, how much of an advantage depends on the wheel. The European version with the single zero makes the house advantage 2.7%. The American version of the wheel with the double zero makes the house advantage about 5.26%. The house receives a few chips out of every winning hand, as in any other gambling game. It is easier to win on the European version wheel than on the American version wheel.

Roulette is played online too on net and it is great fun for the players.

Online gambling

The main base of all casino online games is the brick and mortar ones. Unlike the offline, casinos the casinos online have plenty of flexibility and are in a constant phase of evolution. The game play software both online and downloadable will go a deeper change in time to come as programmers work their minds and come up with greater permutations and combinations to make gaming more attractive and exciting. The Internet technology has become the most popular medium for people to play bingo game and online casino game on the net. The game played in an online gaming or gambling sites (as it is also known) in United Kingdom is known as UK bingo or UK casino. Playing from within the comfort of your own home is certainly more fun as compared to playing in crowded parlors and parties. Not only does the Net enable you to play various exciting versions of bingo, free roulette, slot, and crap but also facilitates communication across the cyber world. The chat rooms offer great medium to exchange information and enhance the proficiency of the players. Internet casino sites allow you to play casino games or gambling on the web.

Online and offline game playing

The sites have downloadable the software to play games or you can play games online from the software that is installed there on the site itself. The online casino sites offer many online gambling games like online bingo game, keno, craps, blackjack, roulette game

, poker, and online slot. These are very popular games on the Internet and are played for jackpot, bonus and cash benefits. You can win big cash money from deposits at some online bingo portals on Internet.

Helpful articles available for learning online gambling

Take help from gambling resources like article on strategies, tip, advice, rules, news reviews, and offers to keep you informed on latest updates and promotions in casino gambling in UK and rest part of the world. There are various types of portals on web to play casino online that offer free gaming or gambling, free game, cash bonus, rewards, jackpot, fortune and no deposit gaming. Many portals on gambling online offer list or directory of online casino sites and online casino halls that offers online roulette, online bingo, craps online, online blackjack game, online slot, and video slot.

Funny free gambling

Free gamble on Net is fun to play, and you can win fortune get cash rewards, bonus, and a big jackpot. Free gaming site is the best for betting on Internet. Learn about gambling strategy, rules from experts and old hands. Cyber chatting is an added attraction for online bingo players as it helps them meet new friends. It is truly an exhilarating feeling to hit the jackpot in an online bingo game and have someone interesting from the chat room congratulate you on a great gaming fortune.

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