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2010 Jul 23

Roulette System

Roulette System: Have You Tried the MMM Roulette System?

Winning Roulette Systems

Roulette is a very simple game with a complex betting system. This game will allow you to potentially win big. If you know the basic straight up bet and split bet then you are probably already playing roulette at home at an online gambling site. But there are so many other bets that can give you either a better chance of winning.

Why is roulette such a popular game?

Why do people playing roulette at the local casino seem to be having so much fun?

The answer is easy: roulette is a very social, fun game that is also very easy to learn. The very construction of a roulette table lends itself to the social nature of the game. There is also very little involved in betting on roulette. All you need to do is place your chips down and watch to see where the ball ends up. Other casino games are much more intricate and involved – with roulette, you can easily load up on the alcohol and still play fairly competently. If you are drinking up a storm while playing blackjack or roulette, then you can easily suffer heavy losses due to your sloppy play. In roulette, players don\’t bet against each other, which helps to increase the social aspect of the game. In a game like poker, players are actively competing against each other and then creates a much more tense and hostile atmosphere. Roulette is also very, very easy to learn. Sure, you can engage in some more complex bets, but you can also keep things ridiculously simple. If you want to bet on \”red\”, then you simply put your chips down on red and that\’s it. Your work is done. If the ball lands on a red square, then you win. If it lands on something else, then you lose.

How much simpler can you get than that?

There are reasons why roulette is such a popular game.
It is fun, it is simple, it is social. You can\’t get much better than that.

Do you want to make money by playing Roulette?

We are professional roulette players community wich consist from: roulette players, roulette testers, roulette system developers, roulette tool creators, roulette script coders.

The goal of our community is to provide our customers with the best roulette software which are developed with the help of our community members.
By roulette software I mean: roulette tools, roulette systems, roulette scripts also roulette analyze software. I can tell you that no one roulette seller can compete with our products line and the power of our roulette community.


Because nobody has a full set of all roulette tools, systems and scripts able to play any type of roulette strategies.
Nobody provide his customers with good support like we do.
Nobody have accessible price like we have.
Nobody can provide his customers with the same product quality we have.
Nobody has build his own community related to roulette investigation like we have.

From my side all other are just community of dreamers. Now is time to change you mind and to join us.


First of all because we don\’t only talk about most advanced roulette strategies but we also develop them.
We don\’t have only one roulette solution but a lot of roulette solutions and every solution can be adapted for your own game, casino and amount of money you plan to use during the game.

So here are no limits related to build your own roulette system except your imagination. In case you may be interested in complex roulette systems then our RSS and RSS Pro software will help you. Our Community Support Site has a special board for every our product where the customer can share his thoughts
related to each product also he can suggest to us how to improve it or to share his roulette strategy with the other. We have all you may need and about which you even don\’t know so is the time to join us in order to find our more. If you want to know more about our products: RBS, DCS, RSS, RSS Pro then go bellow to product section description.

Some of those roulette systems:

RED & Black Roulette Systems Studio – RBS is a Roulette Tool where the player can implement his own algorithm based on Red & Black betting. So the user can create his own roulette system, or load and play other roulette systems registered in our database. All roulette systems registered on our server are stored in an open source format so you can share always them and
work private or in a team in order to improve them.
Product features:
Up to 66 steps, configurable table bets, custom bets amount, control of won/lost steps, suggest correction feature, breakpoints feature, play after special custom sequence or sequences, stop loss point, real time palette modification, real money simulator.

Product modules:
Game console, Control Center, Betting Palette, Betting Palette Screen, Select Active Casino, Select Active Palette, Suggest Palette Correction, User Profile.

Dozen & Column Roulette Systems Studio – It is one of the most accepted roulette systems around the world. DCS is a Roulette Tool where the player can implement his own algorithm based on Columns & Dozens bettings. So the user can create his own roulette system, or load and play other roulette systems registered in our database. All roulette systems registered on our server are stored in an open source format so you can share always them and work private or in a team in order to improve them.
Product features:
Up to 33 steps, configurable table bets, custom bets amount, control of steps/substeps profit, suggest correction feature, breakpoints feature, play after special custom sequence or sequences, real time palette modification, real money simulator, step by step play.
Product modules:
Game console, Control Center, Betting Palette, Betting Palette Screen, Select Active Casino, Select Active Palette, Suggest Palette Correction, User Profile.

Roulette Scripter Studio Pro – RSS Pro is used to create any type of auto play roulette systems based on all existing roulette elements also it allow the player to build an user friendly interface for his own roulette system also to build even roulette tools that will be able to generate unlimited numbers of roulette systems and the best news is that all will be in an open source roulette system format.
Product features:
Betting on: numbers, red/black, high/low, odd/even, split bets, street bets, corner bets, line bets, four bet, columns, dozens also combined elements and possibility to recognize last landed number from your roulette table.
Product modules:
Code Explorer, Console, Debuger, Watches, Breakpoints, User Profile.

The roulette players may take the help of several roulette systems available on the net. Find a well known and widely used roulette system to win at the roulette table. If your goal is to win the game, ignore the roulette myths. Those are not true.

If you have any questions at all, just click on the Contact Us link to get in touch with us. We will always reply to every email we receive.
For more information visit the official Money Maker Machine website!
Also you could find our web site in big search engine like that: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista… The keywords are: roulette tool, money maker machine.

We are a professional software developing team aiming roulette tools for online casinos.
Company: Money Maker Machine

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2010 Jul 23

Learn How You Can Do Just That With the Best Winning Roulette System Tool Online

Would you like to win 0 or more every week playing roulette?

Money Maker Machine Roulette System Tool Software – Win at Roulette – Free strategy, tips and rules.

Why roulette is so popular? Is it because of promotion in various films about cool agents and rich people, or because this game is really so interesting? Everyone has his own opinion concerning this subject. But how someone can form opinion about this game if he has never played it? Well, someone may raise an objection that it is unnecessary to try all things in order to understand what it’s all about. But perhaps, it is desirable to play some game in order to find out all its drawbacks and advantages. And of course, don’t forget about roulette system tool which are the first things to consider before starting the game.

Money Maker Machine-Roulette System Tool is an online roulette system tool software which will enable you to win at the online roulette.

If you’re searching for some more information on the Money Maker Machine- Roulette System Tool then you’ve definitely come to the right place! In this Money Maker Machine- Roulette System Tool review I’m going to be talking about how the roulette system exactly works, how much money you can expect to win by using it and finally, if it’s all worth your hard-earned cash at the end of the day!

In our opinion MMM Team has clearly developed the best Money Maker Machine-Roulette Sytem Tool Software available on the net and customers seem to agree too.

We been receiving lots of good reports about Money Maker Machine-Roulette System Tool Software and we were every bit as impressed when we tested it.

As soon as you land on the website you know that it is a professional operation. Once you have purchased the software you will find the member’s area is even more.

There are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to download and use the software. It really is so simple that anyone can use it.

The member’s area is also packed with lots of information and quality guides for other casino games such as blackjack and poker.

What makes Money Maker Machine-Roulette System Tool Software so good is that it’s not an e-book or guide but an eactual software and it is totally automated meaning that you don’t have to do any complex calculations or remember hundreds of sequences. The software does it all for you all you have to do.

The Money Maker Maschine- Roulette System Tool Software proved to us time and time again that it could make a substantial profit at the roulette table. We were actually that impressed with how well Money Maker Machine-Roulette System Tool Software worked that we made a video of the software in action.

Money Maker Machine-Roulette System is the Tool for gaining an advantage in your roulette game. It has an inbuilt automatic stake and bet selection system whilst also incorporating a greed and money management warning system to help you keep more of your winnings.

You could visit web site youtube and you see more videos about Money Maker Machine. The keywords in youtube are: roulette tool and money maker machine.Also you could find our web site in more big search engine like: Google, Yahoo, MSN,Altavista…

We are a professional software developing team aiming roulette tools for online casinos.

Company: Money Maker Machine


Your host, Merton, freestyling in real-time with random strangers on Chat Roulette. Video #2.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2010 Jul 22

Win at Roulette With a Proven Roulette Strategy

Everyone likes to take a chance every now and then. The thrill of risking something with the prospect of winning something considerable in return is very tempting for many people. At times, we are forced to take such chances, but there are many other situations when we do it willingly. This is what gambling is about. Why do people gamble if they know the potential losses involved in the process? The answer is more than obvious. The prospect of considerable winnings weighs more than anything else. Gambling may also be seen as a form of entertainment. Even so, every gambler enjoys winning, and this is all the more true when we are talking about substantial winnings.

Do you enjoy playing at roulette? Are you a beginner or a professional roulette gambler? Either way, I’m sure you will be happy to know that the roulette is no longer a game of throwing money out the window, because you can actually win at roulette time and time again. How can that be? The solution is simple. All you have to do is use an efficient and proven roulette strategy.

If you search the Internet for a roulette technique or strategy, you will find dozens of such systems, some more efficient than others. You may also happen to come across all sorts of articles and testimonials whose authors claim that there is no such roulette strategy and that every roulette technique you will find online is nothing more than just a scam meant to waste your money. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Many people are aware of how popular the roulette is and how many gamblers are eager to learn a willing roulette strategy. They see this as an opportunity to make some money, and sell nothing but a bunch of lies. On the hand, there are those who are passionate about the roulette and have considerable experience in this form of gambling, and have managed to come up with some sound techniques to win at roulette. Making the difference between a winning roulette strategy and a scam may not be an easy task, because everyone can claim that their product is the best, and use all sorts of reasons to support their claims. And do not expect a good roulette system to travel by word of mouth. Many gamblers get greedy and refuse to reveal their winning roulette strategy. What are your options then? You can use one of the main search engines and look for such a roulette technique, read some testimonials, and try to see for yourself whether the developer of such a roulette system is trustworthy.

In spite of what some gamblers claim, you CAN win at roulette. If you have already played for quite some time now, but the substantial winnings are yet to come, why not try such a roulette strategy and see for yourself that it actually works? Or, if you are a beginner at roulette, why not learn some useful tips before gambling and avoid losing a lot of money? A good roulette strategy is available online in the form of an eBook. Try it out and you won’t have to look any further!

For more info about Roulette strategy or even about roulette technique please review this page

For more info about Roulette strategy or even about roulette technique please review this page

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2010 Jul 22

Meet Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Tool That Shocked the Casino World

Discover the Smashing Idea of this Brilliant Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Tool that You always carried in your head.
Dear Future Winner
You probably came here for a money-making formula that will help you to make millions.
Here’s Why You Should Listen To Me
What I’m going to tell you right now can change your life forever. I know what I’m saying is true, because it has changed my life too.
Here is what I’m going to reveal you:
How I always win.
The entire theory about how my systems tool works.
How you can test it for FREE.
You already know that I’m always winning. I started the Internet experience as a roulette systems tool buyer like you. After buying those craps that ripped me off, I understood that I needed to do something to bring about a real system that would help you to win money consistently.
I was told a system that always lets you win is possible, since there are people who always win. But I didn’t believe this. Like it says, it is unbelievable until you’ve seen it with your own eyes.
When I played Roulette for the first time, I was sure that it could be beaten.
This was the belief that motivated me to develop this systems tool.
So I started looking for all the methods of betting and calculated the winning probability for each of them. Of course the house edge “0” showed that the advantage is with the casino. I also found that playing at European Roulette is much more favorable for the player than playing at American Roulette.
A simple thought that lead to the Brilliant Roulette Systems Tool .
So I changed the problem. What if I found the biggest probability of winning? And I found it. It’s the winning rate of 98.4%. Yeah you heard right.
We have a Unique Roulette Systems Tool on the market. Initially, we analyzed several Roulette Systems and Tools, and we can freely say that almost all of them have nothing to do with making money online. We are 100% sure that Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Tool is the best name for this program and nothing else describes it better.
Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Tool is a fully automated Roulette Systems Tool that is destined for playing Online Roulette.
While Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Tool is making money, the player can watch and enjoy the process of winning. If Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Tool decides that it needs some help from the player then it will prompt some questions. Right now, this systems tool is adapted for more than 60 Online Casinos and it works just for online roulette.
The best way to find out is to test it with the Trial version for 3 days. You’ll be able to play as in Fun mode as in Real Money mode at a casino that is randomly selected by Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Tool . Anyway our customers will be able to play at more than 60 online casinos. In the future, Money Maker Machine Roulette Systems Tool will be adapted for other reputable online casinos which are recommended by our customers.
If you have any questions at all, just click on the Contact Us link to get in touch with us. We will always reply to every email we receive.
For more information visit the official Money Maker Machine website!
You can find Money Maker Machine, Roulette Tool, Roulette Systems Tool in GOOGLE, MSN, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, etc.

We are a professional software developing team aiming roulette tools for online casinos.

Company: Money Maker Machine


2010 Jul 22

A Brief History of Roulette

Although common perception regards Roulette as a purely French invention, the initial genesis of the game is shrouded in mystery. At varying times it has been claimed to have originated in either China, England, or Italy. What is certain, however, is that the modern-day version of the game, particularly the Roulette wheel, originated in France where it was given its name, Roulette (meaning ‘little wheel’, or more precisely ‘castor’). It is also highly likely that gambling aspect (with the house pockets and betting table) is an amalgamation of several different games from the aforementioned countries.

The Roulette wheel was allegedly invented not as a game, but as a scientific experiment by Blaise Pascal who was attempting to invent a perpetual motion machine. Fortunately he didn’t succeed, otherwise no-one would ever win at Roulette, as they’d be forever waiting for the ball to stop spinning! As an aside, anyone who’s ever taken an interest in mathematics is probably more aware of him for his work in binomial coefficients (Pascal’s Triangle). Unfortunately there has not yet (as far as anyone is aware) been any correlation between Pascal’s Triangle and a working Roulette roulette system.

Where and how Pascal’s ineffectual perpetual motion system became Roulette is again lost to the mysteries of time; it’s earliest description in the modern-day form only appears in 1796, over 130 years after Pascal’s death! The Roulette wheel mentioned in the Jaques Lablee’s novel “La Roulette, ou le Jour” (Trans. “Roulette, or the day”) includes the two house pockets (zero and double zero); now more commonly known as American Roulette (or the American table).

European Roulette (or the European table) did not exist until the Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc debuted the single-zero table in 1843 in Germany (ironically, gambling (and therefore Roulette) was banned in France at the time). This had the desired effect of increasing the players chance to win at Roulette, while still allowing the house to keep its favour. Roulettes popularity boomed, and the single-zero table became the standard in European casinos.

During the California gold rush of the mid-1800s, a casino was a staple of every frontier town, and where there was a casino, there were people hoping to win at Roulette! Seeking to maximise their profits, and with a captive clientele in a (then) sparsely populated country and remote town, the double-zero table became the standard. This led to the double-zero table becoming the Roulette system of choice in the United States, while the single-zero table remained the standard throughout Europe.

Currently most casinos in Europe offer both types of tables, although the double zero remains predominant in the States. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to play all online Roulette systems easily and from the comfort of your own home!

If you enjoyed this article, please check out my site at Roulette-TV-Live for more information, including a look at The History of Roulette, and information on Betting and Odds.

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2010 Jul 21

Roulette Systems Software | Online Roulette Strategy – Amazing Roulette System

Roulette Systems Software | Online Roulette Strategy – Amazing Roulette System
Play online roulette using Roulette Systems Studio or how to play after the sequence of lose.

As you know don’t exist a roulette system that will win always except the case when you know RNG formula.
Roulette Systems Studio is a roulette tool with an embedded auto play feature and this mean the roulette tool will follow always the user algorithm.
The main part of this software is it palette where one palette represent one roulette system.
So from this point let refer to every roulette system by it palette and in our case one palette will mean all the variables and rules that will describe one roulette system.
Variables from the palette are described by the roulette system progression and the palette rules describe how this progression is changed once some events occur.
As events will serve the lost or won situation and this mean if on current step the palette won or lost.
Using these results the palette will decide what it will do for the next step.
So for current version of this software palette can build any type of strategies based on red/black betting and custom progression set by the user by the beginning of the game.
If you will test this software then you will see that a big help in every game will be the real time game process modules also several options that allow the player during the game to modify game palette.
What else the player can do in case he don’t want to use these modules but simply to play the same palette without any modification and any suggestions related to palette modification?

For this I can recommend the method based on waiting for the losing sequence and after to start a new game using the same palette and to play for small amount.
As you know one palette based on 8 steps usually can win up to guaranteed 50$.

So what I recommend?

There are several steps to follow for 8 steps system:
1. Start any palette you want to use.
2. Play in simulation mode until the palette will lose.
3. Start another game that will play for the amount equal with 33% from the profit of the last game if not to count the lost situation. You must play in this case without the real money simulator.
But for test mode here also is allowed use of real money simulator and the game will be counted as real money game.

As you know always exist a golden distribution 66/33 so the tests you will do will prove this also the internet will help you to find more about this. 
We use this principle and it shown to us good results.
Let say we use 8 step palette and starting balance of 256$.
We start the game in simulation mode with the next parameters start balance=256$ and max balance=1000$
Let suppose the palette will lose on 356$
This meant the profit without to count the lost situation will be for 356$-256$=100$
33% from 100$ will be 33$
Now we will start a game in real money mode without real money simulator and will set our software to play from start balance=256$ to end balance=256$+33$=289$
After we will make this money the process can be repeated from begin.

I am sure this method will be a lot appreciated by a lot of players but we also can recommend the method based on looking for special sequences before to start betting or to follow an already predefined progression.

So what you need for this?
Any roulette tool software that has an auto play or auto spin feature also an embedded recognize landed numbers module. Unfortunately at this time on this market is only one such software but who know maybe soon many other may appear.
So feel free to use this method with any automated roulette tool you have.

I will recommend downloading and testing this software and in case you have any other questions you can find the answer on our site or by asking the players from our forum.

You could visit web site youtube and you see more videos about Money Maker Machine. The keywords in youtube are: roulette systems studio and roulette system money maker machine. Also you could find our web site in more big search engine like: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista …
If you have any questions at all, just click on the Contact Us link to get in touch with us. We will always reply to every email we receive.
For more information visit the official Money Maker Machine website!

We are a professional software developing team aiming roulette tools for online casinos.

Company: Money Maker Machine


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2010 Jul 20

All About Live Online Roulette

The Internet without a doubt has changed the gamming industry and you can now play almost all games online. Live Roulette is one of these games you can enjoy online. At the beginning, it was very difficult to develop roulette online because many of its features are original. To play roulette online, you need more essentials than any other game. When table roulette was changed into online roulette, it was considered as a great success. Online roulette is jointed with a wheel of fortune. The game based on a wheel that is constructed with a slot for numbers ranging fro one to thirty six. American uses an extra slot for zero and double zero in game of online roulette. Around the boundary of wheel, a tinny metal ball whirls round rapidly.

At the time it whirls round in one direction out of wheel, it turns round to another direction so quickly. After that, wheel and ball get slower speed and fall on a certain point. Players at the start of game place a wager on a particular number and when the wheel stops at conjectured number, they win the game. Oppose to table roulette, the where in online roulette is operated by computer.

The moment it spins in one way direction outside the wheel, it turns to the other direction as quickly as possible. Thereafter, the wheel and the ball come to a point, where it slows down. After that, it falls into a particular slot. Any gambler, who bets on the number before the spin and guesses right, wins the bet. In fact online roulette is simulation of real world by computer. As compare to original table roulette, online version of this game is very simple and fun oriented. Wheel in online roulette is full of colors and numbers. Players first suppose the number before type it and then twist the wheel. One of advantageous aspect of online roulette is that you can maximize your browser to have a close look on the part where ball might be falls. Online roulette is very similar to table roulette. In online roulette, you will find a roulette room having the same feature of traditional roulette.

In online roulette, the players have the freedom to set different wagers for different numbers. There is no specific procedure in online roulette to know that what number would be included in wheel. It is essential for roulette players to know that every spin of wheel is free so it would be hard to guess at what point the ball will fall next. If you want to play online roulette in a good position, then you have to develop the understanding of types of wagers, winning amount of each wager and ratio of amount staked by different parties in wager. This will make you to understand how to place a good bet on game. Another thing that roulette players should remember that the game is foe fun , play and win but don not take it too harsh if you lose the game

The author of this article lives in the UK and enjoys playing roulette. Visit this live roulette website to learn more about UK roulette games or live casino tv for more information and articles to read.

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2010 Jul 19

Do Roulette Systems and Roulette Strategies Really Work?

The roulette table has been ruling the casino tables since the circa 1800′s.  It is said to have originated from France, and its name was derived from a board game during that time which has the same name.  Over the years, more and more casino gamers are choosing roulette as their game of choice.  This is despite the fact the house has an edge in this type of game.  When you compare roulette with poker, for example – the odds of the house winning is significantly high because it’s like they do have that extra, winning card.  So what is it about the game roulette which appeals to amateur and professional casino players?  Why is it dubbed as one of the most exciting games – whether it is an online casino or a brick-and-mortar casino?  Its appeal probably lies in the challenge of winning over the house.  This is the reason why there is a proliferation of roulette systems and roulette strategies on how you can supposedly win in the game of roulette. The question is: do these roulette systems and roulette strategies really work?

When utilizing any type of roulette system or roulette strategy, you need to keep in mind that this game is one of the greatest money makers of casinos – again, because of the large edge of the house.  However, many casino players believe that the edge of the house can be overcome with the help of the proper roulette system or strategy.  They are based on the belief that a particular number is bound to come up, based on the previous results of the roulette table.  Other roulette systems and strategies base their ‘tricks’ of winning over the house on probability and statistics.  Naturally, if you are a proponent of a particular roulette strategy, you would believe that past spins would have an impact on future spins – but the opposite of this is true.

The best way to determine whether roulette systems and roulette strategies work is to go to the casino with an open mind.  Always play with a goal of having fun as your number one priority – and never play with money that you cannot afford to lose.  At the end of the day, whether or not these roulette systems and strategies work is a matter of realizing that roulette is mainly a game of chance.  You may want to bet for a particular number or color simply because it has not come up yet – but remember the golden rule that each spin in the roulette table is independent of each other.

Finally, keep in mind that it always pays to learn about the basics.  No roulette system or strategy can ensure that you will be betting on the winning number.  Tilting the odds in your favor is a combination of knowledge, skill, luck and placing your money on the best bets.  By relying on a roulette system and strategy which has worked for others in the past, you can increase your chances of winning one of the most challenging casino house games: roulette.

Wanna sharpen your skills in roulette roulette system system & roulette strategy? Check out our site roulette strategy and be a master of this casino game!

2010 Jul 19

The Pureness Of Live Dealer Roulette

Pure adrenaline, pure fun, and pure excitement are what best describes a live dealer roulette game. What is a live dealer roulette game you may ask? Well, it is simple. It is everything a real-life roulette game has to offer, but instead you can enjoy the same exact game from the comfort of your own home or office or where ever you have the spare time to do so via video and audio streaming. In order for you not to waste your game time trying to figure out how to play a live roulette game, allow me to give you the basics rules for this live casino game.

The initial step in experiencing a real roulette game is choosing your live casino. There are tons of online casinos out there, but in order to take part in a real roulette game you need to find an online casino that offers live dealer casino games. The video and audio feed you will enjoy is in fact a real-life roulette game broadcasted from a bricks and mortar casino. The game consists of the use of a ball and a roulette wheel on a roulette table. Before the roulette wheel is spun, the players choose their bets. The bets placed are the guesses of each individual player as to what number the ball will fall on. Once the live croupier calls out “no more bets”, he or she will then proceed to spin the roulette wheel and throw the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel. The ball rotate around the roulette wheel until it randomly falls into one of the numbered pockets. It is important to point out that there are two different types of live roulette. European live roulette and American live roulette. The European roulette consists of 37 number slots, numbered 1-36 and one zero slot. In American roulette there are 38 number slots, number 1-36 and one zero slot and another double zero slot. The double zero pocket increases the house advantage.

The bets the online players make are placed in the same exact way one would place a bet in a land casino roulette game. A live croupier roulette game offers the same exact bet variations and the same matching payouts for each type of bet. There are inside bets and outside bets. The inside bets have higher payouts compared to the outside bets. An example of an inside bet with the highest payout rate is a straight bet or a single number bet. This is because a player chooses to make a very risky choice on only one number. The outside bets have lower payouts because the player makes a bet on various number pockets at the same time, but the number pockets are outside the main group of numbers. For example, the dozen or column bets. The outside bets also include odd or even bets and red or black bets. There are also called (or call) bets which are different number series that have specific names assigned to them. These types of bets are based on the position of these numbers on the roulette wheel. Players can make any choice of bet they prefer while playing live online roulette, and they can even make different types of bets in one single game.

Once the online player has placed the live bet, the fun starts. You will be able to see pure action take place right in front of your eyes. All that separates you from the real live roulette game is a computer screen. Everything else on either side is purely for real; you are obviously for real, the live dealer is for real. The roulette game is for real. It’s an amazing privilege to be able to stay in the comfort of your own home and still be able to enjoy the pure excitement of a real live roulette game.

Sofia Hill is dedicated to writing original and informative articles on live dealer casinos. Read more on live dealer roulette games.

2010 Jul 18

The Benefits of Playing Live Roulette TV Over Online Roulette

People in the world love to gamble. They gamble over almost anything, and gamble almost anything. In fact, life is a constant gamble. You have to take risks and brave dangers every once in a while in order to make the most out of life. Gambling gives thrill to a person and, because of that gambling has become a form of entertainment between individuals through the centuries.

Gambling is always done between one or two people. Without anyone to make a bet with, that couldn’t be considered as gambling. However, as technology improved, games have been developed that allowed people to play by themselves and still earn money. These include the slot machines, and now live online casinos were developed for that matter.

Live casinos are simply websites or TV channels that broadcast casino games in real-time. As they are played out in a real and physical casino, video footage of these games are then broadcasted to the viewers watching in their homes. Live casino, in fact, is rising in popularity. That is because it is more advantageous to play as compared to playing in a real casino.

These casinos offer the same range of games that their physical counterparts have. One such game is the roulette.

The Two Types of Live Roulette TV

There are two types of live roulette in existence: the live roulette TV, and online roulette. The first is broadcasted on TV, while the second can be accessed through the Internet.

For some reasons, most people are preferring to watch live roulette TV rather than its online version. This can be quite confusing, as most people consider the Internet to be more advantageous than the other types of traditional media. Let us see what advantages there are by playing live roulette TV than playing roulette through the online version.

Advantages of Live Roulette TV over the Online Roulette

One advantage that live roulette TV over online roulette is the streaming. Live broadcast is flawless, and it has no delays. Online roulette, on the other hand, is subject to the speed and the quality of the Internet connection. As all of us know, a lousy Internet connection can affect the streaming of any video in the Internet. There may be lags and stops in the streaming as compared to the continuous broadcast that live roulette TV provides.

Another advantage of live roulette TV is that it encourages true gambling between you, friends and family. The television is located at the living room, where you can interact with people. You need to have someone to bet with you if you want to enjoy the otherwise boring displays of roulette games over the TV. You can bring friends along, or even your family on a boring weekend and play roulette. The beauty of the game is that it is very easy to understand; anyone can play the game.

You have to bet real money if you want to enjoy live roulette TV. That’s another thing that it has over online roulette, which allows a person to play with play money or virtual chips that online roulette websites provides for every visitor in every individual log-in. It is much more fun to play with real money, after all. Live roulette TV lets you do just that, without tempting you to play safe which is otherwise possible in online roulette.

As you could see now, live roulette TV is clearly more advantageous compared to online roulette. There is less hassle when it comes to broadcasting, and it encourages social interaction which is what gambling is really all about aside from earning money.

Dan Roberts enjoys to play live roulette frequently online. If you are interested you can get the latest bonuses, news, and promotions for live casino games.

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