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2010 Aug 2

Basic of Free Roulette Games

Roulette is a thrilling game where the spin of a wheel can yield up to thirty-five times your original profit. The game of roulette is probably the ultimate casino symbol. No one thinks of a casino without visualizing the easy spin of the roulette wheel and resting of the small ball. Essentially, roulette is a game of high thrills but may not pay as much as people expect it to.

In the free online roulette game, unlike several casino card games, it is easy to calculate odds. Whether it is American roulette or European roulette, the odds are calculable through a simple formula. However, the catch is to transform those odds into actual wins.

Calculating Roulette Odds

Unlike multiple card-deck games, roulette has thirty-eight numerical slots. This makes it easier to predict the odds of any particular number winning. Of course, odds are only a mathematical possibility and not a strategy. In conventional American roulette, the housed edge is about 5.26%. This edge is applicable for every bet except five number bets.

The house edge defines the odds that favor the house or are against the player. This means that if you place a bet, the chances of hitting the number you bet on is one in thirty-eight. If you do hit the number, the casino only pays out . However, the point about understanding the odds is to realize that for every thirty-eight spins you will lose . This is the casino charge. If you work on the math, you will calculate that is about 5.26% of . Calculating odds is as simple as that. Mathematically the formula is: Expectancy = probability or winning * winning amount + probability of losing * losing amount. The expectancy is likely to come to a negative value. It is negative since the formula calculates the expectancy from the player’s perspective. This negative value denotes the fact that you are negatively likely to win or the house has the expectancy edge.

The exception to these odds calculation is the five numbers bet. This bet is worse than the other is when it comes to winning odds since it has a much higher house advantage. The house edge on a five-number bet is calculated to be about 7.89%.

European Roulette

The European version of roulette has slightly better odds since it lacks the extra space in the double zero slot. This way the European wheel has only 37 slots. Although the game pays out the same value, the 37 slots make the game more suitable for players from the probability view.

European roulette is far more lucrative than American roulette especially since in American roulette there is no way to alter the odds of any gambling game. No strategy is able to guarantee better odds. In fact, experts advise players to seek out easier variations of the game where the odds might be better. This is probably the only way you can feel reassured that you have a better chance of winning.

Roulette Bets

The best kinds of bets in roulette are those that are have similar payouts as odds. In most versions or bets in roulette, there is a wide gap in the payout offered and the probably odds. The best bet is one where this gap is less wide. An example of likely bets is even bets on low, high, even, or odd numbers. Even, placing even bets on red and black would give you a payout of 1 to 1.

As far as roulette systems go, they are reasonably useless. All roulette systems that claim to be based on mathematical data are in fact just using odds to show attractive strategies. Odds calculation in roulette is simple and largely theoretical. No odds are a guarantee since they only reflect chance. The roulette wheel is unaware of its own odds and does not function according to it. The next spin and result is pure chance and has no bearing on will come after it.

Hi, I am Suresh Nair. I have published number of articles for casino game online in ezines and other articles sites, besides this I am a regular writer of casino guide games such as poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, slot, baccarat and many other games. I love to play free roulette games games with online casinos. Thank you.

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2010 Aug 1

What to Look for in an Effective Roulette System and Roulette Strategy

Despite the fact that for a typical game of roulette, the odds always tilt in favor of the house, it has remained to be one of the most popular casino games over the years.  For centuries now, both men and women are trying their luck in the fun and exciting game of betting on reds, blacks, odds, evens, a single number or  a range of numbers.  No matter which part of the world it is that you are from – you will definitely benefit from learning about the basics of the exciting game of roulette.  Now, whether you are a novice or an expert in all of the casino table games, it will be to your utmost advantage to look for a roulette system which offers a set of effective roulette strategies that will help tilt the odds in your favor. There may be some skeptics out there who will think that most of these roulette systems and roulette strategies do not really work – which is why you should take note of the things that you should look for when looking for an effective roulette system.

Before delving deeper into the things that you should look for in an effective roulette system, here is a quick reminder. Make sure to watch out for roulette systems which come in e-book form, that promise to help you make rich quickly.  These get-rich-quick schemes are a telling sign that the roulette strategy being offered is not effective at all.  So what are the things that you should look for in an effective roulette system? First, make sure that the theory behind the roulette strategy is effective. How did it work for the others who have tried the system? What is the percentage in terms of success rate?

Second, the roulette strategy and the system in general should allow your money to grow from your winnings and not as a result of your initial deposit, or the funds coming from your own pocket. This jus as easily brings us back to that cardinal rule that you should not be betting money that you can ill-afford to lose, no matter which casino table game it is that you are playing. If the main requirement of the roulette system is for you to have money on your bank account – this could have the makings of a scam.

Third, if you will be subscribing to a paid roulette strategy or system, make sure that there is a money-back guarantee.  Just as it is when purchasing any other type of service or product, a roulette system and roulette strategy should give you your money’s worth.  If there is no money-back guarantee to the system that you will purchasing, then the system will most probably not work – otherwise the creators of the system would not hesitate to give you your money back if they have a foolproof system. All in all, taking a chance on the roulette table is given a much more exciting twist with the help of these roulette system and roulette strategy options. By greatly increasing your chances of winning, the odds will be tilted to your favor with the help of effective roulette systems.

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2010 Jul 30

Live Online Roulette Compared to Convention Roulette

The most important difference between live online roulette and Conventional Roulette is that you do not necessarily have to bet with real money! This makes online roulette something everyone can play. Of course for those of you who want to bet real money and have the liberty to do so, there are options as well! So now you do not have to check your pockets before you start betting!

You do not have to be in America to play American roulette or in Europe to play the European version of it! You have the choices of playing whichever version of the game, from wherever you are. So if you are feeling really lucky go for a game of American roulette or else bet at a game on French roulette where you have slightly better odds at winning. At a conventional casino you might only be faced with one kind of wheel while live online roulette allows you to play the wheel you are most comfortable with. Of course, nothing can replace the real experience of a casino, with all the vivid sights and fancy decorations, not to mention the flashing machines with strange sounds, nothing but excitement and glamour surrounding you, but online casinos offer you a decent dummy of the real casino experience. Computer programs are amazing nowadays and live online roulette software is advanced. Not everyone has the money or chance to go play a real game of roulette but at least everyone can try their luck at online roulette, no matter where you are or who you are.

Another advantage that live online roulette has is that you get to avoid jostling in the crowd to grab space! Casinos are reputed to be crowded places with all sorts of people and activities that one may want to avoid. You can sit back with cola and popcorn and peacefully plan your bets and have fun at the roulette experience! Real roulette wheels have a good chance of being rigged. Even though a lot of regulations have been adopted world over in casinos, the biased wheels are not uncommon. So you put your money at greater risk there. Of course, cheating is not impossible in online roulette but is certainly more difficult. Playing roulette online saves you a lot of calculations. You have a screen before your eyes where you can always see how much you are betting, your total loss, your total win, how much money you have, etc. Another added advantage is that you can review previous games that you have played at this wheel. This can sort of help you to decide what to bet on. Not that it ensures any better chances.

Live online roulette is also faster than its real counterpart. There are live roulette TV games that run round the clock which have tried to bring conventional roulette to you but once again they are only trying to emulate a real casino. If you ever have a chance to visit a real life casino you should go and enjoy the experience.

The author writes for this live online roulette site which features reviews of the best roulette sites such as supercasino tv for uk residents. Check out the links and play today.

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2010 Jul 29

Online Casino: Roulette – Roulette System: Free Roulette System

Rich Advantage of Playing Roulette Online

Online casino: Roulette – Roulette System: Free Roulette System

Most people prefer to play in Casinos rather than online because of that live, physical feeling that one is playing ‘live’. Some people can end up travelling long distance just to enjoy the experience of gambling in the biggest casinos in the world. Today however, people get addicted to playing roulette on the Internet. To them it is easier to play at a casino which is effectively ‘at home’ and at one which isn’t as half expensive. Players can also decide where and when they would like to play roulette and playing at home can also offer other benefits. Other benefits include not getting any unnecessary distractions such as noise made by players as well as their unwanted advice. If you would like to play online, you will have to acquire the following things. An internet connection, patience and some experience. Unlike casinos when you play roulette over the internet you are not required to pay the fare like you would have to in most casinos. Whether you are a rookie when it comes to roulette or a betting strategy fanatic, roulette can be an enjoyable game for everyone who plays it. Roulette provides great entertainment so have a flutter and enjoy yourself!
The losing and winning experience is the same, whether the game is played over the Internet or in a casino. You can also implement tips from any roulette sources you may have read or from any Roulette strategy books you may have. If you do usually play roulette in casinos then why not try Roulette out online along with systems such as Money Maker Machine Roulette System Tool as it is very easy and convenient for enthusiasts with an internet connection.
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Do you want to MAKE MONEY whilst having FUN?
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Well if you are interested in winning at online roulette, want to have an edge over your fellow players and want a proven method that will aid you in winning at online roulette and more importantly MAKE MONEY then Money Maker Machine Roulette System Tool is for you. Money Maker Machine Roulette System Tool is a proven AUTOMATED system that has been made by mathematical geniuses which have worked long and hard looking at all aspects of roulette in order to create an ultimate system.
You can make money online today using the Money Maker Machine Roulette System Tool software!
Winning Roulette Systems is an online roulette system guide which will enable you to find the best roulette systems available online.
You will find honest and up to date reviews of roulette systems which ordinary people just like you are using to make hundreds of dollars online everyday.

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This confirms why Money Maker Machine Roulette System Tool is receiving such good reviews and exactly why it is our top pick. It is enabling ordinary people just like you to win hundreds of dollars online beating online casinos, so why shouldn’t you? Visit Money Maker Machine Roulette System Tools website now and you can see first hand how this powerful software is the casinos worst nightmare.

I will recommend downloading and testing this software and in case you have any other questions you can find the answer on our site or by asking the players from our forum.

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Company: Money Maker Machine


We are a professional software developing team aiming roulette tools for online casinos.

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2010 Jul 28

History of Roulette

The word “Roulette” in French means a “small wheel”.The word “Roulette” in French means a  Roulette is considered to be the most popular game of chance in the world. The exact history regarding the game of Roulette is unknown though there are theories. One such theory was that the game was invented in China and was brought to Europe by Dominican monks who in those days were trading with the Chinese. The second theory states that a man named Blaise Pascal, a 17th Century French mathematician, invented the game. After the basic elements of the game were devised by the French math scholar Pascal, there were no further substantive changes in the rules until some two hundred years later when the Blanc Brothers added a zero to Pascal’s wheel.

There are two versions of the Roulette Casino Game. One is the single “0″ Roulette game which is known as the European Roulette. The European Roulette was developed in 1842 by Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc. Once again, there were no alterations to the rules until the game was exported to the United States at the beginning of the 19th Century, where the Americans added a second zero to the board. Roulette hit America in the early 1800s, but they removed the double “00″ version which resulted into theAmerican Roulette.

Online Roulette first made its appearance on the Internet in the mid-1990s. The online version of roulette is equally popular among online players as it is in land-based casinos. The online casino Roulette is one of the most widely played online casino games. Several people who had not tried playing Roulette earlier started playing online Roulette which was because of its increased accessibility, and also because of the decision of the online casinos of lowering the betting minimums, which did provide a totally different strategy as compared to the land-based casinos. Hence, more online players were encouraged to try their luck at Roulette. Online Roulette features in one or the other form at most of the online casinos today.

The site is one of the prime site where you can download the game of casino online Roulette and play for free. The graphics provided at are intended to create an atmosphere of a real casino and give you the feeling of being in a real casino.

Mobile roulette was developed in the 21st century. This is the latest development in the classic casino game. There are two versions of the game, and the online Roulette rules will reflect either the European version or the American version of the game. The online Roulette rules have remained the same since the game’s implementation onto the World Wide Web. Different types of Roulette games have developed over the years and these are also featured at the online casino.

Over the years, there have been many attempts to find out ways to enhance the odds of winning the online casino game of Roulette. There have been studies conducted in order to break the odds of winning. Roulette has become a widely accepted and well known game and symbol of high-class casino gambling.


Red Moon

Author: Sotiris Oraiopoulos

See our Ode to Merton FAIL! (aka Dick Roulette) Chat Roulette Piano Improv – Refusing to Sing! Chat Roulette Uncut Song to Hot Girl Performed by Greg Benson & Payman Benz Subscribe to us here: Follow us here:

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2010 Jul 27

10 Roulette Tips Legitimate Ways to Improve your Game

When it comes to improving your odds of winning at roulette, tips may not be very helpful. But some advice, as well as creative thoughts on roulette strategy, can make the game more enjoyable and limit the extent of your financial risk.

1. Never gamble with “dear” money. The number one rule for gambling, and the most important of all roulette tips, is to never gamble with “dear” money; only gamble with “excess” money. In other words, never gamble with money that you will need now, or may need in the near future, to pay for your financial commitments and everyday living expenses.

2. Don’t Kid Yourself. With a house advantage of 5.26% or more roulette is not a game for serious gamblers. The most important tips for roulette , will, therefore, not be on ways to improve your chances of winning but rather on ways to effectively manage your money as you gamble.

3. Manage Your Money. If you play roulette for an extended period, you will lose your money. So before you play decide how much you’re willing to lose and when you reach that amount walk away. If you’re ahead at some point, pull some of your winnings out of your bankroll and out it into a “do not touch” pile so that you’ll have something to cash in when the rest of your bank is gone.

4. Determine your Standard Betting Unit. Decide how much you’re willing to lose at roulette and divide that number by 10 or 20. This should be your standard betting unit; the amount that you will bet on each roll. Whether you spread this amount among several bets or place it all on one, don’t go above this amount unless it is part of a betting strategy you will employ.

5. In the Long Run there are No Winning Strategies. Most popular roulette tips rely on the faulty notion that previous results will predict future events. In reality, every spin of the wheel will produce a totally random result, so no amount of scientific study of the trend of previous results will help predict the next roll.

6. Know how to Lose Slowly. Even though the house advantage is almost always 5.26%, your chances of winning on one roll vary significantly with different bets. One of the roulette tips that will help you stick around longer is to only make the wagers that you’re most likely to win, even though the house is still taking the same advantage. Your highest probability of winning, at just over 47% of the time, are bets on odd, even, black, red, 1 to 18 and 19 to 36.

7. Know how to Lose Quickly. The only bet on the roulette table that offers a house advantage of more than 5.26% is the combination bet on 0-00-1-2-3. This bet gives the house an even larger advantage of 7.89% so if you’re looking to give your money away fast this is the bet for you.

8. Know How to Win Big. If you’re playing roulette you’re only hope is to get lucky so many players bet the biggest payoffs thinking that, if luck does hit, they’ll at least win big. The largest payoffs on the table are single numbers (35:1), two number combinations (17:1) and three number combinations (11:1).

9. Try a Positive Progression System. As far as roulette tips go, this one could make you a big winner – if you get lucky in the short run. Choose one of the highest probability bets (see #5) and place your standard betting unit on it. If you win, increase the last bet by 50% on the following roll. If you win again, increase the bet by 50% again. When you lose, go back to a single betting unit on the next roll.

10. Play European Roulette. Of all the roulette tips this is the one that will always help. In European roulette there is only one 0, not two as in American roulette. This cuts the house advantage from 5.26% to 2.70%. Although it’s hard to fine this game in a North American casino many of the online gambling sites do offer this distinct advantage for the player.

Cary Clark is an avid traveler and prolific writer who has written extensively for newspapers & travel magazines. During his frequent trips to Las Vegas he developed a love for whilst gaining detailed understanding & knowledge of casino games. For more on online roulette, tips for roulette visit

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2010 Jul 27

Roulette Secrets – the Secret of Successful Roulette Is

There are many authors and gurus on the net who claim to have found the roulette secrets that will enable you to gain an edge in your quest for roulette profits, however are their “secrets” that can be exploited for profit?

Roulette secrets implies that someone can show you something that know one else knows or has not discovered about roulette.

This of course is not true, as there are no secrets to playing roulette and everything about the game is known. While there are no roulette secrets, there are right ways to play and if you learn it you can put the odds in your favor.

Let’s have a look at the myth of “roulette secrets” and how to play properly without them to make more money

Roulette Secret. You Can Use a Mathematical System to Predict Spins

No you can’t!

Roulette is a game of chance and each spin of the roulette ball is unrelated to any previous spins.

For example, if the ball falls on red 20 times in a row, players feel that black has a higher chance of coming up next but of course it doesn’t a roulette ball has no memory the chances are 50 -50

Many players also like to look for, and bet on, ‘sleeping numbers’ – numbers that have not been hit for a while.

Just because a number has been, ‘sleeping’, does not mean it is more likely that the number will come up on the next spin.

Mathematical systems can’t work by their very nature in roulette.

Quite simply, mathematical systems require reliable data, and with roulette, there is no past data that can be used – it’s a random game of chance.

In mathematics, you know exactly what is going to happen next, in a game of chance you never know what is going to happen next! Any system that claims to make money consistently from roulette is a contradiction in terms.

Secret 2. You Can Use Money Management to Gain an Edge Money management does not affect the house advantage.

For money management to work, you need to increase your bet size when the odds are in your favor, and decrease bet size when they are not.

The odds and payouts are set in the casino’s favor, and this edge never changes.

The house always has an advantage due to the amount paid out per bet; you cannot change it and put the odds in your favor

There are no roulette “secrets” however the good news is you can play with the odds in your favor as much as any other player with these simple tips

1. Play European Roulette

There are two roulette wheels the American and European. The wheel to play is the European, as it reduces the casino advantage to 2.63% which doubles your advantage of winning as it doesn’t have the extra 00.

2. Place Bets that are close to their Payouts

Place bets whose odds almost match their payouts – these “even money” bets include, betting on Even, Odd, Low (numbers 1 – 18), High (numbers 19 – 36), Red, or Black. All these payout even 1 – 1

The best bet of all which most players don’t take advantage of is:

The bet ‘en prison.’ If you make even money bet and the ball lands on zero, you don’t lose your bet.

Instead, your bet is ‘imprisoned’ (hence the name) and you carry it forward to the next spin.

If the bet wins, you remove it from the table. The house edge is just 1.35% on this bet and it is the bet with the best odds in roulette.

Roulette is a game of chance, and there are no roulette secrets to increase the odds in your favor, but if you know how to play you can get great odds for a game of chance.

If you want to play a game that’s fun and can give you a good chance of winning then roulette offers a unique playing experience.

So, forget roulette secrets follow the simple tips above and enjoy the game

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2010 Jul 26

American Roulette – Don’t Play It, Play European Roulette to Win Big

European roulette wheels only as your chances of winning are greater. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to play American roulette, unless you want worse odds and less chance of winning!

European Roulette is as much fun as American roulette and the only difference is the double zero that makes the odds worse on the American wheel.

Lets look at why and how to play Roulette and make some money with the odds in your favour.

The house edge

American roulette, wheels have 38 slots with “0″ and “00″. The European version has 37 slots with only “0″. So what difference does this make to the odds of success?

With the extra zero in American roulette, the house has a 5.3% advantage where as with European roulette; the house has just a 2.7% advantage.

So why play American roulette when the house edge is almost double?

Roulette is a game of chance

In any game of chance playing either European or American roulette, the house edge is the house edge and cannot be altered.

Keep in mind roulette is a pure game of chance and a roulette ball has no memory if the ball falls on black once or fifty times the chances of it falling on black next time are 50 – 50.

So, we can see that with fixed odds in a game of chance the best we can do is get the odds in our favor as much as possible, that means never playing American Roulette only European.

Getting the odds in your favor

We have already seen that by playing different wheels that we can get the odds against us down, however we can get the odds down even further if we know how to bet. So what are the best bets to place?

As it’s a game of chance you want the bets with the best odds of paying out and these tend to be bets that have the low payouts and mirror the stake.

For example betting on red / black odd / even.

Here you will win about 45% of the time, making it a very good way to bet that will maximize your bankroll.

The best bet with the best odds

Another advantage of European over American Roulette is the opportunity to place the bet below which has the best odds of any bet and therefore gives you the best chance of winning! The bet ‘en prison.’ Is the best to place and works like this: When you make an even money bet and the ball hits on zero, you don’t lose your bet. Instead, your bet is ‘imprisoned’ and you carry it forward to the next play If your bet wins, you remove it from the table. The house edge on this bet is just 1.35% which is a very low house edge for a game of chance bet.

In conclusion

There is no difference in the playing experience between European and American Roulette your odds are simply better in the latter game so this is game to play.

In any game of chance you want to be able to place the bets with the best odds, American roulette does not offer you this and European Roulette does – no contest!

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2010 Jul 24

Win Roulette – Avoid These 3 Simple Mistakes & Win Big!

Roulette is a simple, fun game but to win at roulette you need to avoid some common errors that both novice and experienced players make.

Avoiding the mistakes below is easy and if you do you will win at roulette and maybe win big some big payouts.

1. Go To Europe

If you want to win at roulette never play the American wheel.

European Roulette Has the Best Odds and to win at roulette you need to play it.

American roulette, wheels have 38 slots with “0″ and “00″. The European wheel has 37 slots with just the single “0″.

The extra zero in American roulette makes the house edge 5.3%. When you play European roulette; the house edge is just a 2.7%.

The house edge against you on American wheel is therefore almost double.

Play European roulette for better odds straight away.

2. Playing Bad Bets.

Roulette is a game of chance and the odds reflect this the bigger the difference between the odds and the payout the less chance you will have of winning.

Never for example bet on single numbers. The payouts are big, but thats because you have very little chance of winning at roulette this way and avoid the seven number bet as it has the worst odds of all.

To win at roulette play “even money” bets and “en prison”.

Play even money bets. These are those of Odd, Even, Low, (numbers 1 through 18), High, (numbers 19 through 36), Red, or Black.

These all offer payout odds of 1: 1.

You have about a 45% chance of winning each time which are good odds finally, always play the best odds bet which is “en Prison” .

This bet has a house edge of just 1.35% making it the best bet of all.

3. The roulette ball does not have a memory!

The history of previous spins has an affect on the outcome of the next spin as a roulette ball does not have a memory.

For example, if the ball falls on red 20 times in a row a player may feel black has a higher chance of coming up next.

This is simply not true.

The odds are 50% – 50%.

This of course would be true if the ball had fallen on red 40, or even 100 times.

Every spin is an independent event and previous history cannot be used to predict future spins.

Many players also look for and bet on ‘sleeping numbers’

These are numbers that have hit for a long time.

There is no logic behind these bets, the chances of that number coming up is 1 out of 36 numbers on every spin.

Just because a number has been ‘sleeping’ does not make it more likely that the number will be hit on the next spin.

The above means roulette is a game of chance and this is why roulette systems never work as a system by its nature needs reliable historical data it can use to predict the odds, in roulette you simply don’t have any!

Winning is easy!

To win at roulette all you need to do is place the bets with the lowest house edge and play them on the wheel with the best chance of success.

Keep in mind that is all you can do and if your lucks in, you will win at roulette.

Finally never be tempted to buy a roulette system.

If you want a way to guarantee you will lose do it.

If you want to win at roulette don’t simply stick with the best odds wheel and the best odds bet and you may well win at roulette.

Good luck.


On all casino games including tips to win at gambling online visit our website for a huge resource of articles, features and downloads and the best online casinos to play at

montage de SOAD sur roulette

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2010 Jul 24

Roulette Tips – Classy Ways to Win a Casino Game

One of the most popular games in every casino is roulette. Along the centuries it was an entertainment way for nobles, but also for ordinary people. You cannot speak about the casino without touching the roulette subject. It is well-known as the symbol of the casino. And if you want to play a casino game, roulette is a good choice because is a slow game and gives you time to observe the game. Anyway, before playing you must look after the games info. Every game has its playing conditions whether they are known as rules, systems, strategies, secrets or tips and tricks. Roulette is not an exempt from these recipes. If you want to increase your chances to win at roulette and have an excitement playing experience pay attention to the following roulette tips:

1. Remember that roulette is a game of chance

Numbers on which the roulette ball stops are random and one spin can’t influence on the next spin. The house is always on advantage and that means you certainly will lose some money. So, you win if you know how to lose!

2. Learn the game

How to play if you don’t know the rules? Moreover, how you want to win? If you pay attention to the rules, chances to win will increase and you will know how to act in the gaming time.

3. Set your spending limit

It is your “guiding light” who shows you when to play and when to stop. Don’t risk other money than yours. In this way the game is safety and you are playing relaxed.

4. Check the terms

Before starting to play find out the limits of bets and payouts.

5. Overcome your emotions

Negative feelings like fear and greed must be stopped to enter to the casino. They put you in disadvantage by misting your judgements. Is essential to be calm and focused when playing roulette.

6. Be in a good mood

Don’t play roulette after you drink alcohol or take drugs. Also, assure you that you don’t play when you are tired, sick or upset. These things can disturb the game and make you lose your money and your enthusiasm.

7. Have fun

Remember that game is an entertainment way, not a tool to make money. Roulette is one of the most relaxed casino game which let you enough time to socialize with the people around the gaming table.

8. Practice playing Roulette with free game

Before you play with real money is recommended to try a few times free or demo games. In this way you will get used and also learn how take advantage of your chances.

9. Play the suitable roulette

The most known roulette wheels are the American and the European wheel. The difference between them is the second zero which is added to the American roulette. To increase your chances of winning is better for you to play European roulette because due to her unique zero the house edge is lower than at the double zero wheel. Practically, the second zero double the edge of the house. Also, there are available online roulette games. So, is recommended to choose the European roulette online.

10. Pay attention to the dealers hit

If an experienced dealer spins the wheel and land the ball with approximately the same speed and trajectory consistently from spin to spin you can try to make predictions about the area of next station of the ball.

11. Make reasonable bets

The best wagers are the one with the payback close to the money betted because the house edge in this case is the minimum. To win constantly, bet every spin a few numbers and place small bets per spin. But try to reach the money in less spins. Consult a probability chart and bet the numbers with low odds.

12. Use your personal strategy

You already know that roulette, identified also as the fortune wheel, is a game of chance. Then why to follow all the patterns claimed by the others when all you have to face is hazard. A strategy is something made on the basis of previous data and in roulette game the last hit doesn’t tell anything about the next stop of the ball. So don’t waste your time looking after a roulette system or a roulette strategy to increase your chances to win. Follow the few guidelines stated above, the rules of the game, check the probability chart and just play as you wish.

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