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2010 Aug 7

Best Online Poker Sites – A Comparison Of The Top 8

The genesis of poker:

The exact age people actually started playing poker is heavily disputed. This game has many variations. So it is possible that it was born in several different places. It is common belief, however, that poker was invented by the Chinese way back in the 10th Century A.D.

People believe that poker came from Chinese dominoes. It is said that Emperor Mu-Tsang of China played a game of domino cards, a possible ancestor of poker, with his wife a day before the 969 A.D. new year.

Some others feel that poker in fact has its roots in as-nas, a Persian game. This game which was first played in and around the 17th century was a 5 player game and was unique in the fact that it had only 25 cards in the deck with 5 different suits.

Some others claim that “poque”, a French card game was the true ancestor of poker. It was invented in 1480 by the French who settled in New Orleans. They used the normal deck of cards.

Dawn of the Era of Online Poker.

People invented games in the bygone era which resulted in poker. Now poker itself has reinvented itself into a new form -Online Poker. People are crazy about this game which offers many advantages over normal casino poker. This craze is spreading fast among all age groups and types of people.

Best Poker sites:

The best poker site is most probably one of those listed below. Novices can view these sites to find the site that suits him/her the best to improve his poker playing.

1) The forums on

This is probably the best poker playing site online. It has a forum for exclusively poker and another for other card games. Poker players can read the various topics in the forums. is the place to go if you want an active poker forum.

2) Learn Texas Hold’em

This is easily the best online pokers site for beginners. Here there are various write-ups on hold’em, advanced poker strategies and poker rankings. There are various poker tables, tips, and even a question and answer section in the site. is a must visit for beginners.

3) Celebrity Poker Showdown

It is the official site of the poker program on Bravo TV. It has complete videos of games and tip for gaming. It is the most famous poker site in the world wide web. If fame was everything, this site will win hands down.

It has an interactive flash animation on playing Texas Hold’em. It also features the poker great Phil Gorden

Play poker with the celebs at

4) Poker Babes

It includes the profiles of prominent poker champions. You will be shocked to see the number of women champions in this man’s game

It is the best site for women poker players. It has many perks for women players and offers them a lot of priceless tips for excelling. After all, why should boys have all the fun?

All women poker players must visit

5) Online Poker Guru

It is indispensable for poker rules, strategies, tips and tricks. It also runs down the memory lane by presenting the history of poker and poker vocabulary. It is among the best novice sites. This site is the true guru in teaching poker for novices.

Let the Guru teach you how at

6) Poker News

This site is a strong contender for the best poker site award. It offers unbiased reviews of other poker sites and helps users to join the poker room that suits them best. This is the place you need to be in if you want to stay in touch with poker and other poker players.

Get to know the latest in poker

7) Poker terminology glossary

This site has a comprehensive list of poker slang, definitions, terms and other must-knows for basic poker play. It cannot be done without for beginners. Even experts may have to cross check with this list at times.
Learn poker slang and terminology on

8) Low limit Omaha
This site stands out in providing novices the various possible starting hands of poker and also gives strategies for hi/lo split low limit Omaha games.

Check out these strategies at

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2010 Aug 7

Online Poker History – The Story Behind The Sensational Hit

Online poker is defined as the type of the poker game played in the internet by either one person or a number of participants. The ease of accessibility is what has made on-line poker very popular because of its appealing nature that has seen many people turn to it as a major form of entertainment. It is estimated that in 2003 alone almost USD$ 35 million was collected in monthly revenue from on-line poker alone.

The game of poker has been going for many years, but the history of online poker – along with most other online games – is relatively short. Yet despite the relatively short length of the history of the game, it is an extremely rapid developing part of the entire online gambling industry which is not showing any signs of slowing down. While it is very popular in America, Europe is fast catching up too.

The history of online poker begins with the history of poker in general. The game of poker has been around for thousands of years with origins all over the world, from China to France to Persia and Spain. However, it wasn’t until 1834 that the game of Poker with the name of “Poker” was officially recorded. Jonathan H. Green wrote about “the cheating game” which was played on Mississippi riverboats. This game was played with only twenty cards, but evolved into modern day poker.

Online poker only dates back 9 years, to 1998 which was when the first games came on line. But the real milestone for the history of poker was 2002. A year later when the World Poker Tour was launched on America’s travel channel in March, poker really hit off. This was also true for when the World Series of Poker (WSOP) had its largest turn out over.

These events and others certainly contributed to the developing growth of the history of poker as more and more individuals found out about how fun the game was to play on line, and indeed, how lucrative it could be, especially when playing online poker tournaments. 2004 and 2005 saw a huge influx of additional online poker rooms and sites, many of which appealed to the masses, even the non-poker playing ones who started to show an interest in this new and exciting online game.
Poker is a game that is coordinated by gambling laws and regulations and is mainly played in casinos and card rooms. However, it has recently become available for play in online poker rooms. The introduction of poker to the Online has increased the popularity of the game a huge amount, but it didn’t start out so simply.

The history of online poker began in 1998, when the first online poker room was opened. was the first website in the history of online poker and as the first it had many obstacles to overcome. One of the main problems was trust-after all they had to build peoples’ trust in order to get them to play with real money on their site. They also had to work out software that would be user friendly and realistic. However, once they worked out these problems it was a smooth ride.

Probably one of the reasons the history of online poker developed so well was because of how enthusiastic poker professionals have been since the game’s inception on line. Such big names as Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel, John Juanda, Phil Gordon, Andy Bloch, and Erick Lindgren are included in this list.

The history is now definitely well on the map, especially financially as the industry in America has reached over billion. There are so many poker rooms today on line that pretty much at any time, 24/7, one is able to find a poker game of their choice. Whether you love 3 card poker, video poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, 7 card stud poker, 5 card draw poker, Omaha Hi-Lo poker, to name but a few, on line players will probably be able to find a game to satisfy and appeal.

Many online poker sites offer now offer numerous features that attract and appeal to new players. This new features are what are making raves in the world series of poker because the world of poker has now wakened to the realization that even on-line poker participants can also have a shot at the big game.

One similar feature offered by the online poker sites is the tournament referred to as “satellite”. This feature allows participants to gain actual access to real live poker tournaments. In a similar tournament Chris Moneymaker emerged the victor and was able to participate in the World Series of Poker in 2003. his victory shocked the whole world.

Recent figures have in fact projected that the revenue generated by on-line poker could reach as high as US$ 100 million target in 2005, and that online participants are estimated to reach 100,000 people.

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2010 Aug 7

Poker Room Reviews

Online Poker Sites rank and review online poker rooms – to help you choose the very best. The internet poker site reviews section ranks the best poker sites worldwide for Americans / US players, Canadians, UK players and everyone else. Choosing a suitable poker web site among the thousands of the best poker websites online can be a difficult task for new players, so here are some helpful tips to help you decide which of the real money poker sites is the best match for you.

As a new player, online poker site bonuses are an important consideration when choosing one of the best poker sites / online poker rooms and can greatly impact the health of your bankroll. When you sign up at a real money online poker website, look for the best poker bonus that allows you to maximize your first deposit and get some free real money to play with. All of the best US poker sites for US players will offer you a bonus for signing up and playing, so picking the right bonus for you is essential for ensuring that you have a great experience the first time you play at a new site and make lots of real money playing poker at online web sites.

Another big factor that players should consider in selecting a site from many of the best poker sites / online poker rooms is the promotions and bonuses offered by the site. With so many best online poker websites / top rated poker sites for Americans and others, you will be able to find hundreds of different promotions including satellites to live tournaments, exclusive cash free-rolls, merchandise and more. Before you download and put real money at any of the new poker sites online, make sure to give their promotions section a look over to see if you like and are interested in their real money poker offerings.

Before you play at an online poker site it is best to read detailed poker site reviews so you can make an informed decision on which online poker rooms are most attractive to you, including features such as support, promotions and software. Most of them are in-depth and objective, sighting both the positive and negative aspects of each website based on their individual merits. They offer detailed reviews of the best poker websites / best poker sites for US players online and have partnered with many of the leading online poker sites to bring you bonuses (found in online bonus codes) and free-rolls that are exclusive to In addition to exclusive promotions, good poker site reviews also cover the important aspects of online poker sites such as poker games variety, competition levels, customized ratings, bonuses and personal site reviews.

According to, the best poker rooms as per bonus issues are; Poker Stars, Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog Poker, Pacific Poker, Titan Poker, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker. Even though many of the best online poker sites stopped accepting US players for real money poker due to legislation passed in 2006 in the United States, there are still some great online poker sites that accept Americans, the best online poker sites for US players / US poker sites being Sports book Poker.

Poker Room Reviews

2010 Aug 6

Looking for the Best Online Poker Site

When you mention poker, people usually associate this with the cowboys of the West. We imagine a set of grizzly and rugged cowboys inside a Wild West bar or saloon. One of the cowboys could be fiddling with his gun preparing to draw it up anytime until before the other had a chance to collect his winnings.

Some people might associate poker with businessmen. A group of high-rolling businessmen, those who lay down very large bets in some underground poker tournament or at the back room of an ultra high-class casino somewhere.

Good for us common men, the onset of online poker proved to be one of the best things to come out of the Internet. Good as it was, it made poker craze to spread beyond the mega-rich, the business-suited elite.

Due to the proliferation of a number of the best online poker site, they made possible poker-playing to beginners and novices. They made it possible for people to place modest bets from the comfort of their own homes.

Looking For The Best Online Poker Site

The problem of the beginner or novice is to look for the best online poker site available. When you are a beginner, you can be sure to have problems choosing the best online poker site simply because there are thousands out there.

Each poker site has something to offer that other poker sites do not offer. There are also poker sites that does not necessarily provide enough information to the beginner or novice, instead of learning, the beginner might find poker playing confusing.

A couple of poker sites or websites with information regarding poker sites are listed below for checking by the beginner. The poker sites below were chosen randomly and therefore does not necessarily reflect the option of the writer.

By actual testing of each poker sites, the beginner might have an idea of what the best online poker site should be. The best online poker site might just be one of these poker sites.

List Of Possible Best Online Poker Sites

1. Poker Pages

This website is focused solely on poker and has a chance of being judged the best online poker site. It includes an international directory of websites all about poker. In this website, you can see information regarding poker tournament schedules, poker rooms, poker strategies and tips, articles about poker, and more.

To check out Poker Pages, go to

2. Card Player Magazine

This website offers the poker player an online publication of articles about poker tournaments and strategies. Likewise, it has a chance to be judged the best online poker site.

To check out Card player Magazine, go to

3. Poker Forum

This website includes several information about poker. A discussion forum, the rules of playing poker, poker tournament schedules, poker book reviews, and much more. This is also a possible contender as the best online poker site.

To check out Poker Forum, go to

4. Play Winning Poker

This website includes articles about poker strategies, and various articles and resources about poker. This can be judged as the best online poker site.

To check out Play Winning Poker, go to

5. Poker Top 10

This website boasts a collection of top ten lists that includes poker games, rules, and players. This is a serious contender for being the best online poker site.

To check out Poker Top 10, go to

6. United Poker Forum

This website offers a message forum that is interactive. Aside from this, a bulletin board is available to discuss various poker strategies, the competitive events, the poker players, and all sorts of game variations.

To check out United Poker Forum, go to

7. Texas Hold’em Poker for Beginners

This website is also possible for being the best online poker site. It provides a Texas Hold’em and several general poker guides. It has poker strategies, odds, the rules, and much more.

To check out Texas Hold’em Poker For Beginners, go to

8. Low Limit Hold ‘em

A possible best online poker site, it offers the beginner the various strategies of poker, the tactics, and a starting hand selection for all low limit games of Texas Hold ‘em.

To check out Low Limit Hold’em, go to

9. Serious Poker

This website offers the beginner or novice various poker articles, the reviews, and all available poker links. An online glossary is also available. This is also a possible choice by the beginner as a best online poker site.

To check out Serious Poker, go to

Dexter Dickinson has been playing online poker for over 4 years – with many successes and some trial-and-errors to share with everyone.
Online Poker Winning Strategies

2010 Aug 3

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Feeling The Game When Betting

To be able to bet properly – the right amount at the right time – you need to have a good feeling for the game. When playing Texas Hold em Poker, making a crucial bet tips the game in your favour. You need to get the most things working for you as possible if you are ever going to make it in ruthless No Limit Hold em. You starting hands, bets, style of play and grasp of the other players style of play and possible hands all need to line up together in order for you to make huge leaps and bounds and grow your stack into a monster.

At certain times in the game, the last thing you want is for your opponent to call your bet. Think of an extreme example, like your completely bluffing 7-3 because you’ve lulled your opponent into thinking you are tight and only play premium cards. In this instance you absolutely do not want your opponent to call your bet so you need to bet a large enough amount that he won’t possibly consider it. The aim is to force them to fold and you seriously want to, need to, achieve this sometimes.

In a different situation say, you definitely do want your opponents to bet. Maybe you’ve been playing very loose and raising almost every pot. Then you hit those great pocket kings, so you really want your opponents to call you. You’re sure you’ve got the best hand and you are keen to increase the size of the pot that is most surely yours. You want to get the most value out of your hand as you possible can. You’ll need to bet an amount of money that, atleast you think, is modest enough that most of the other players will call you. Then you can earn a little extra on that hand.

Betting decisions are complex and there is no end to having to deal with these when playing No Limit Hold em. The crux of the game, that you can bet up to no limit, means that practice and experience in betting are crucial. Any amount you bet likely tips the game in another direction and this is what makes it so crucial to the overall game. Like anything, you need to get a good amount of experience in order to be able to best determine the amount you should bet in a given situation.

Alex is an avid Texas Hold Em Poker player and has dedicated his time, effort and money to learning the art and skill of successfully winning rounds of No Limit Hold Em. Shoot him an email at or head on over to his informative website / and read his free newsletter containing Texas Hold Em Poker Tips

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2010 Aug 2

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Knowing Other Players Hands

Sensing weakness and putting your competition on a specific hand is a downright imperative skill to have if you ever want to be a winner at No Limit Texas Hold em. If you can do this you can essentially win with any cards. It doesn’t matter what cards you get dealt, how strong your pocket is or not, when you can correctly guess what your opponent has you can bet effectively enough to force them into a corner.

With enough practice at the guessing game – continually guessing and checking, guessing and checking – you will be able to more and more accurately know what hands the other players have. You will eventually get it right more times then you think. “He has a pair of queens” or “I think he is drawing for a straight” are examples of what your internal chatter should sound like. Finally, when the cards are face up at the end of the game, you backtrack and check what your thoughts where and what in fact happened. You can clearly see how close you came to getting it right.

Take an example of some internal dialogue. Say you get dealt an A-5 and your up against another opponent. In fact he got dealt an A-7, but you dont know this. You raise a little to get to the flop and he calls and follows. The flop comes, A-4-3. Your opponent raises! Put yourself in this position. Your opponent has just lead out on the flop when an ace drops. “What does he have?” is what you should be thinking. You may draw this conclusion: if the opponent has an ace he has a weak ace, because he only checked after the initial raise before the flop. If he had an A-K or A-Q he would have most definitely reraised. We can extend that: would the opponent lead out with aces up or maybe trips? If the opponent had of flopped a hand like that would he have raised? Probably not he might have checked to lure your into a trap. Is the player aggressive or tight, is this his normal betting strategy or not? “What do I think he has and whats the best betting strategy to negate this?”. Maybe the solution would be if you really think he has a weak aces, come over the top of him heavy. He surely won’t have the guts to risk his stack. This is just an example of internal dialogue that should be running through your mind at games, ok?

Being able to correctly put another player on a hand and know what cards he has is what separates the winners from the losers. Its what makes the professionals the pros and the amateurs going home broke at the end of the day. When you continually practice the guessing game, and get better at it, your overall Texas Hold em game will dramatically improve and you will become a better poker player. The tide then tips to your favour. When you become a better player you will win more pots, and as you win pots you will become a better player, and the cycle will continue.

Alex is an avid Texas Hold Em Poker player and has dedicated his time, effort and money to learning the art and skill of successfully winning rounds of No Limit Hold Em. Shoot him an email at or head on over to his informative website / and read his free newsletter containing Texas Hold Em Poker Tips

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2010 Aug 2

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Pot Odds And Payoff Risk

Calculating pot odds simply means that you add up all the money in the pot, then calculate whether your odds of getting the outs, which is the cards you need to make your best hand, are worth actually calling the pot. This essentially is your payoff risk. So you add up all the money in the pot, find out your chance of getting your best hand (and presumable winning) then determine whether your hand is getting the proper odds to justify calling. If it is you call. If its not you fold. That simple. Its just basic maths. Let me explain further.

Say you’ve lined yourself up an open ended straight draw with one card to go. So you have 4 cards of a straight and you are punting for the card below or above. So say for example you have a 10-9 and on the board is a 8-7-3. So you can get a Jack or a 6 for a straight. You are at the turn. If you get your straight on the river you will probably win. If you don’t, you’ll most definitely lose. Say for example your opponent has a high pocket pair. So, assuming that there are still eight cards in the deck that will help you, the four Jacks and the four sixes you can calculate that you are about a 5-to-1 underdog to win the pot. This means for every five times this happens, you will lose four times and win once. So these are your pot odds.

Now to calculate the payoff risk. In this example, whatever you opponent bets there needs to be at least five times this amount already in the pot for you to justify calling. So if he bets there needs to be already in the pot. If he bets 0 there needs to be 0 already in the pot, that is, for it to be worth it for you to call. Based on mathematics. So if there was more then five times the amount bet already in the pot, then you would call.

Now for the fun part. Say that there is 0 in the pot and your opponent only bets . That means you are getting a 10-to-1 payout on a 5-to-1 draw. So, in all probability, if you did this over the long term you would win only once in five, but when you won you would get ten times you bet, and overall you would actually gain money. This is exactly what everyone is talking about when they talk about ‘The right odds to call’. So, as you can see, calculating pots odds and payoff risk is one of the more helpful Texas hold em poker tips, one which can help you know if your going to win in the long run. Stick to your odds and surely you’ll come out on top.

Alex is an avid Texas Hold Em Poker player and has dedicated his time, effort and money to learning the art and skill of successfully winning rounds of No Limit Hold Em. Shoot him an email at or head on over to his informative website / and read his free newsletter containing Texas Hold Em Poker Tips

2010 Aug 1

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Your Position At The Table

When playing  Texas Hold Em, your starting position in relation to the other players at the table is very important. I am talking about your position in relation to the button, which is the dealer, and the small blind and big blind.  Top poker tips experts always share that where you are located in the betting sequence will determine how and why you bet when you do.

When you are playing a 10 handed game and are sitting in one of the first two seats this is known as early position. The next 3 seats, so third, fourth and fifth are generally known as middle position seats. If you’re smack bang on the button or one or two seats right you are sitting in late position.

Professional Texas Hold em players will always determine how they play their hands, and which hands they actually play for that matter, based on their current position on the table. When under the gun (under the gun is the first seat to the left of the big blind) you generally should only play the utmost best hands. However, if you were sitting in late position you might be able to play middle connectors and small pairs.

Here’s two crucial tips:

The earlier your position, the stronger your hole cards need to be!

The later your position the more types of hands you can safely play!

Because every other play at the table gets to act, or perform their action, after you, when you are up front (up front means early position, i.e. under the gun) you must be far more cautious about the cards you play and the hands you play for.  Your competition all have the benefit of knowing how you’re going to play your hand but you have no idea how they’re going to play theirs.  This disadvantage is due to the pure fact that you have extremely less information on them then they do on you and this is why you need to play different hands differently depending on your position at the table.

Simply remember my tips and have the diligence to follow them and you will instantly improve your Texas Hold Em game. It is only one thing to know something, putting it into action is a whole ‘nother somethin’. Its easy to get wound-up in poker, feeling the rush and pushing your luck so you must ensure that you keep a cool head and stick to the game plan. This is how professionals win.

Alex is an avid Texas Hold Em Poker player and has dedicated his time, effort and money to learning the art and skill of successfully winning rounds of No Limit Hold Em. Shoot him an email at or head on over to his informative website / and read his free newsletter containing Texas Hold Em Poker Tips

2010 Aug 1

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Exploiting Table Position

Exploiting your table position in Texas Hold Em Poker is an extremely beneficial skill to have in your repertoire. I’m going to share with you one of my favourite illustrative tips on the subject of table position. Remember the most basic fundamentals of table position? That is, that the earlier your position after the blind the less information you have about the other players moves, and, the later your position on the table the more information you have about whats going on so the better advantage you have.

Ok, so suppose you pull pocket tens from the deal and you are sitting under the gun, so you’re in first position. Its a pretty good hand so you enter the pot by raising with the aim to clear out the weaker hands dealt. Now, say for example, that one of the players behind you picks up a pocket too but its higher then yours, we’ll say Q-Q. He’s feeling pretty smug so re-raises. A few players fold, another has high cards, say A-K and just calls to sit in and one last player has a great hand like a K-K or A-A and re-raises again. Now its back to you.

Obviously by now you have realised that your nice pocket tens, although a great hand in some cases, aren’t so fabulous in this particular deal because there are alot of other good, seemingly better, hands then yours. You fold, not keen to have to add in another large bet just to stay in the game, also knowing full well this will probably escalate further.

Now, imagine for a second you were on the button, that is, last position. You get two tens. The player way down in first or second position has the queens. He raises. The second guy with the A-K would probably re-raise in this situation and the lucky A-A jerk raising again. Now its at you. The epiphanic realisation that your supposedly lucky pocket tens are, in this hand, quite insignificant and hardly great, coupled with the benefit of being in last position enables you to make the smart decision and just fold out. You save poker chips, chips you can use in a later hand.

The point is that in Texas Hold Em, the very same hand, the very same situation but a different table position has ended in a very different outcome. When you were in early position you lost money. Following this tips advice, when in late position, you saved money. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Alex is an avid Texas Hold Em Poker player and has dedicated his time, effort and money to learning the art and skill of successfully winning rounds of No Limit Hold Em. Shoot him an email at or head on over to his informative website / and read his free newsletter containing Texas Hold Em Poker Tips

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2010 Jul 31

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – How To Play The Worst Hands

Raising big with very plain hands is sometimes a very effective method of varying your style of play to maintain the randomness and constant confusion that is imperative to playing Texas Hold Em Poker effectively. This is a favourite method of many top players and is one of the most common tips around. However, sometimes this strategy can be misguided if you are a very new beginner, and sticking to a more reliable strategy may be more appropriate if you haven’t exactly fine-tuned your game yet.

When you raise before the flop with a completely shocking hand, Like a 7-2 or 9-3, you main plan for doing this is to scare everyone off so you can steal the pot. You will get the small and big blind, and if you are lucky a bit of a small raise from someone infront of you, and these small gains can do wonders for slowly but surely building your stack. When you see pros do this, please understand they aren’t raising on the strength of the hole cards – there is no strength, in fact there is less then strength they are a burden – they are raising in an attempt to make a quick steal of the pot. If someone did call their raise, they are also confiding in pure luck to hit something on the flop. Because, for example, the person that called them would have great cards like A-K or K-Q or a very high pair, but the bluffer will have something like 6-2 or 7-3, so they are hoping the flop is mostly low cards so they pull maybe some pairs or a chance at a low straight. Get the picture?

This has added value because say for example you have a 6-3, quite poor cards, and you raise. You opponent calls and the flop comes out 7-5-4. For someone with A-A, K-K, or other premium cards this is a shocking flop. Because your opponent probably thinks you have good cards like this – why else would you raise so much? – they have almost no chance of putting you on the straight. This makes for a nasty surprise for them and enables you to make a grab at an even bigger portion of their stack.

Remember though, you don’t always make those lucky flops. The crux of the strategy is to scare people into folding early on so you can steal the small and big blinds, and maybe some ante’s if thats on the table. If this tips played properly, its not played all the time. Do not do it all the time or it won’t work properly. Vary your style of play to keep your opponents guessing, thats the best way to win Texas Hold Em Poker.

Alex is an avid Texas Hold Em Poker player and has dedicated his time, effort and money to learning the art and skill of successfully winning rounds of No Limit Hold Em. Shoot him an email at or head on over to his informative website / and read his free newsletter containing Texas Hold Em Poker Tips

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