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2010 Aug 16

Internet Roulette is Unlimited Fun

Among the hundreds of casino games, Internet Roulette can be called the most popular one. The buzz of winning a placed bet or playing with all your friends around you is not the same online as it is in a real casino. But there are lots of good points for internet roulette which continue to make the game popular. For starters internet Roulette is just not easy to play, but is also very exciting. Internet Roulette gives the players a chance to bet in varied ways adding to the fun quotient.

There are basically two ways of playing in an online casino. The first is playing directly on the website, immediately, using Java, whilst the latter involves downloading the gambling software. Though the latter takes more time, yet the graphic and sound quality clearly surpasses the former.

The thrill of this game lies in the guessing of the position of the ball. It is a game of sheer luck and no amount of practice can make a person ace this game. All one has to do is to place a bet on a certain number. If the ball drops on that number, then the player wins.

The maximum and minimum amount of bet to be placed can differ from one online casino to the other. The bets that can commonly be opted for are red or black, high, low and double bets. The fun is enhanced by the variety of roulette games available online like French Roulette, American Roulette, European Roulette, and European Roulette gold.

Players can opt for the free Internet Roulette games till they get a hang of it and then switchover to the advanced versions. Once you have gained enough expertise in Internet Roulette, you can play the most advanced form with French Roulette.

The interaction with other Internet Roulette players gives a realistic touch to this game played in the virtual world. The Internet Roulette players do not miss out on any fun that comes from playing the game in a real casino. In fact Internet Roulette players can avail free bonuses that conventional Roulette players cannot.

The players of Internet Roulette testify that gambling with virtual chips is very addictive. Additional fun comes from interaction with real life dealers during the game. The players can use their webcams to participate and interact during the game.

Playing Internet Roulette only requires a special application on the PC. Without moving out of the house, players get to experience the fervor of the game. The players do not have to travel to the casino locations to experience the kick of Roulette.

The look as well feel of the online casinos will never make the players miss the real casino. With the help of magical software recreating the atmosphere of a real casino right inside the drawing room has been achieved.

Chatting verbally with the fellow players and the dealers has also been made possible through voice chat. The online casinos are leaving no stones unturned to make the game more tempting.

If you enjoy playing roulette games visit this roulette casino game website for a selection of virtual games or check out this site all about live internet roulette to learn about the live games which you can play from home.

2010 Aug 16

Online Roulette Game – Exciting Earning Option

World Wide Web is emerging fast as a premium source to enjoy any and every kind of money earning games and free roulette play is among the popular game. Via online, one can play roulette online from the very comfort of the home.

Experienced roulette players will not find it tough to play roulette online as it includes features which are same like that of traditional roulette game. In order to play roulette online, one must download the casino software.

The top tips by which one can successfully play online roulette game include:

Players should play on a European style roulette table as the odds there are much better.

Beginners should know the roulette game tactics by getting into free roulette play first on the freeplay area of the casino software before starting with the real money game.

If you find unfairness in the freeplay area then it is better to opt for another casino website to enjoy free roulette play.

“En Prison” rule helps the bettors to save the money on an even bet when the spin is zero.

Other money saving rule via which the players can save the bet is “la partage”

Players should avoid bidding high amounts on due numbers as each spin is independent and is not at all effected by past spins.

Roulette players must avoid expensive betting strategies like Martingale which costs more but rewards less.

In order to beat the roulette game, players should never bid on 5 number combinations as they have worse odds on the roulette table.

The players must keep special check on the bankroll and should stop gambling in case they lose it.

Start the game with firm determination that you are a winner and you have to win this game as positive thinking can boost your confidence level which will motivate you to make wise and winning deals.

In order to play online roulette game, one has to guess the right number on the wheel and then twist the wheel. The best feature of online roulette game is that here the players can maximize the browser to find out the part where the ball is likely to fall. One can play online roulette game to earn maximum money as here the players have freedom to set different wagers for different numbers thereby enjoying flexibility of bidding high on numbers where the ball is likely to fall. One must develop an understanding of types of wagers, wagers of other parties and winning sum of each wager in the real money and free roulette play.

Myself webmaster of a best online casino gambling site where you can play online roulette game, poker, slot machine & blackjack game.

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2010 Aug 16

Orange Gamez Casino | It’s Your Time To Play

With its black, white and orange coloring, Orange Gamez Casino certainly makes a statement from the minute that players land on its home page. The site oozes sophistication and classic gaming options and it is clear that much thought has gone into creating a top location for players.

This online casino is powered by Rival Gaming software group, meaning that the platform is one of the most modern and progressive on the internet. Players can also enjoy easy access to a News and Events link that spells out all the bonuses and promotions currently running at the site. This online casino’s software is available in English, Spanish and German.

Software and Games
As noted, Orange Gamez Casino works off the powerful Rival Gaming platform, bringing players the option to download the software onto their systems or enjoy a no download version for instant entertainment. The games selection is superb, providing solutions for players at every skill level – from novices to seasoned gambling fans. The games are also available at different wagering limits to suit all bankroll sizes.

Players can take their pick from classic slots such as Eggstravaganza, Gold Rush and Milk the Cash Cow to exciting video slot games with titles including Cleopatra’s Coins, Fantasy Fortune and Travel Bug. Players looking for the ultimate in immersive slots entertainment should try out the iSlots collection at this online casino that boasts titles such as Hole in Won, Rock On and Cosmic Quest (one and two).

There are also plenty of opportunities to win life-changing amounts of cash through the progressive slot games at this site, including Major Moolah and One Million Reels BC.

Table game fans will enjoy blackjack, including an exciting multi hand version, as well as baccarat, craps, red dog and three card poker. Two versions of roulette (American and European) are also part of the scene.

Bonuses and Promotions
Bonuses and special offers begin from the moment that players join this site and make their first deposit into their online casino accounts. By registering with the site and funding the account, players are rewarded with a 100% welcome bonus of up to €500.

An excellent loyalty program also exists that awards comp points automatically to players every time they wager real money at the site. Point balances are updated in real time, allowing players to keep track of their progress. Playing on progressive games do not contribute comp points, however all other games do.

Payment and Payouts
A variety of payment methods are supported by this online casino and they are all set out in an easy to follow way to allow players to make the best possible choice for their gambling lifestyles. The site offers solutions to all players and carries mainstream as well as alternative banking methods which allow players to fund their accounts and withdraw their winnings in a simple and hassle-free manner. The site accepts a number of currencies, including Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds.

All the right steps are taken to ensure that players can play with complete peace of mind, with all personal and financial information transferred safely and security. The last word in internet security is in place at this site, guaranteeing a safe gaming environment.

In addition, this online casino has in place a solid privacy policy to ensure that all information is kept just that – private! The policy is spelt out clearly on the site.

Players should find answers that they are looking for about the site and its services in the very detailed FAQ section. However, if they require assistance with something not listed in this section, the customer support team will be happy to assist them around-the-clock, every day of the week. The casino’s customer service team can assist by email or phone.

Orange Gamez Casino
Orange Gamez may be new in the industry, but it certainly seems to know how to tap into the demands of contemporary gamblers and bring them exactly what they want in terms of quality and service. With a great software company backing it with highly entertaining games, as well as lots of rewards, the popularity of this online casino can definitely be understood.

This information was accurate when it was written but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all information directly with the casino. is the ultimate online casino guide giving you all the information you need to choose the right online casino for you. It’s a great resource for information on finding a reputable online casino like Slots Galore Casino along with over 350 more online casino reviews.

▬► ◄▬ (click the link to see it) Derren Brown – Roulette Casino Event. (First seen on Derreen attempts to win 175k for a viewer by betting 5k of the viewers money on a roulette wheel at the casino … and fails! His…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

2010 Aug 15

Online casino affiliate is also lucrative

Even if you dare to cross the shell of your mind, you can earn money by becoming an affiliate of Planet 23 casino. This is just to reiterate that evolution of affiliates in the Internet world has enabled many entrepreneurs to make a lot of money. Never worry! You are never to play online casino slots or any online casino games to become an affiliate. It’s very simple; you need to publish their banners in your website so that the glitzy banners allure the visitors. Once the visitor becomes an online casino player, you start earning even without playing online casino Blackjack, one of the most royal games in the online casino gaming varieties.

As Planet 23 casino believes that affiliates are the integral part for their growth, they always value your efforts. A fully dedicated manager will remain always with you with his candid advice and able guidance. Once the online casino player, whom you have brought, makes any deposit, you become entitled to commission. Precisely, you entail to life time commission, for all the activities of the player. Even if he wants to play online roulette, you earn and the commission gets credited to your account automatically.

The online expeditors feel that the internet world has been marred by several unpleasant incidents mainly due to lack of transparency. The technology driven Planet 23 casino, always ensures transparency for all the activities. When the visitor is routed to the Planet 23 casino site from your website, the efficient affiliate program starts keeping track of the behavior of the visitor. You also get a fully dedicated affiliate team to answer to your queries. Planet 23 casino has been always reckoned for its bountiful of online casino games and the newer games increase the chance of your earnings rapidly.

Why not to dream of $s just by becoming an affiliate of a leading online casino like Planet 23?

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2010 Aug 15

Adventurous online casino games

Since the ancient days, people have been prone to adventures. Some of them might look for mountaineering, some might be looking for horse riding and some might try to cross the river against the wave. It is the subdued spirit that has made people desperate for thrills in various forms. The people have also dared to cross the glacier forgetting the risk of their lives. Unfortunately the modern civilization and stressful lives have forced people to look for alternative arrangements to satiate their desire of adventures. The pure entertaining online casino games of Planet 23 casino may be an amazing alternative to the legitimate people.

Like most of the reputed online casinos, planet 23 casino also provides you unhindered services round the clock. The services of Planet 23 casino boasts of varieties of games, entertainment and exemplary bonuses. One can find the best set of varieties with the right mix of traditional and modern online casino games to refresh their minds. The periodical updates as a step towards customer orientation will never allow the boredom to cast its spell. Newer version of casino games not only gives you a break from online casino blackjack or online casino slots, but it always brings more excitement for you. Even if many of the prevailing casino games had forced you to totter behind, the new online casino games can give you the desired break through from a string of defeats.

It is not fair to compare between the adventures of an expedition in the Himalayan range with the online casino games. On the other hand we must be down to earth to accept the fact that we need to look for the adventures that will not affect the other facets of lives. Perhaps online casino games of Planet 23 casino is the compromise, whereby you can plunge into the world of true entertainment.

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2010 Aug 15

Online Roulette in the UK: A Fast Growing Sensation

Roulette may be considered as one of the oldest and most familiar casino games in the world, but its popularity has waned considerably in some parts of the world. For instance, roulette is still among the most played casino games in America, but it is not as popular as more recognizable games such as the slot machine or video poker. Furthermore, many new games have surfaced in the casinos in America, and these games will probably overshadow roulette in the near future. However, the same cannot be said in Europe, where the game has an overwhelming following. The cause for this is not too clear, although it may have something to do with the fact that roulette in Europe is more player-friendly compared to roulette in America, thanks to the absence of the double zero wheel in the European roulette wheel. Nonetheless, regardless of the reason, roulette in Europe is extremely popular.

This fact is further established by the existence of online roulette in the United Kingdom. Of course, online roulette-and, generally, online casinos-are everywhere. Online casinos have been in existence for more than decade, since the advent of the Internet. But online roulette in UK is different, and it has taken a more exciting form. Without a doubt, online roulette UK is the sign that online casinos and online casino games will be taken to a different level in the near future, adapting elements that resemble the actual atmosphere and game play of these games.

One of the most prominent elements of the online roulette UK that cannot be seen in other online games is the use of real-time gaming. This means, in online roulette UK, the online players are part of an actual game that is happening in real-time. They see the roulette game online (via an advanced webcam technology), and they can place bets in real-time. There is an actual roulette wheel, an actual dealer, and the results of the game are obtained as in the usual casino game-through luck, and not through automation.

Before, online roulette games are automated, or computer-generated. Online players can still place bet, and the mechanics of the game is the game, but the game itself has a randomized result thanks to the use of computer programs. In short, it is nothing more but a video game. In addition, many players are concerned with the results of the game. Do the games really have randomized results? The concern here lies in the fact that the games could either be fixed by the casinos or that more enterprising players can predict the outcome of the games through special computer programs (since the programs used by casinos to produce randomized results usually have a pattern). Other casino games do not have this problem since players compete with other players, not a dealer or, as in roulette, plain luck.

Online roulette UK eliminates this problem. With online roulette UK, players will enjoy the same roulette game with the same casino atmosphere without worrying about the authenticity of the results.

Dan Roberts has demonstrated how to calculate the odds and payouts of roulette with graphs and tables. You can also play live roulette on your TV or by phone in the UK.

2010 Aug 14

Online casino addiction

The dictionary meaning of the word addict is to be physiologically or psychologically dependent on some habit forming substances. In general we talk of dangerous drugs, which have become the dreaded scourge of this century. If we try to go by literal meaning, we can find out a large number of children become video addicts at an early age. The glittering world of online casinos may also become an addiction to some people. Though it is really a tough call to identify the addicts and real ardent enthusiasts of online casino games, we need to be careful and mainly depend upon the individual’s self realization power. If a person wants to play online casino slots on a daily basis, we can hardly classify him as an addict. It may also so happen that the continuous winning spree or the sweet clanging sound of the coins may ensure his revisit frequently.

Planet 23 casino has been always reckoned for adapting fair gaming practices. There are some symptoms, by which you can always judge whether you have become an addict of online casino games. If you feel that you have started avoiding your friends and relations just to flirt around the world of online casinos, it may be the first step of formation of a casino habit. If you keep on avoiding the visit to your favorite clubs or social gatherings because of playing online casinos, the situation is a bit more complex. If at any stage, you keep on wagering without keeping a track of your bank balance or you keep on loosing your duties repeatedly, you should visit a rehab centre. We must mention that online casino addiction is much lesser harmful than drugs or alcohol, but prevention is better than cure.

The market surveyor feels that the incredible entertaining features of Planet 23 casino have converted many online expeditors to regular visitors. However Planet 23 casino keeps a lot of self control mechanism in various forms to save you from disasters. You can set limits on time or wagering while playing even online slots at Planet 23 casino. Planet 23 casino feels that the exuberance of people and a slight favor of luck may bring new dawn in your life.

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2010 Aug 14

Cuba Club Casino | A Realistic Gaming Experience

Step back to the glorious days when Havana’s night life inspired glamour and chic through Cuba Club Casino. This site gets you right into the mood with its sultry pictures and pitch black and midnight blue coloring brightened only by neon lighting and gambling images.

This online casino site was created by a team that has several good years of experience in the industry and thus instinctively knows what players are looking for in a gaming experience.

The site states that its mission is to set the highest standards for its products and services, and there are a number of factors about this casino that certainly prove that management takes that goal seriously.

The online casino is powered and licensed by Realtime Gaming, one of the most sought after software companies in the world.

Software and Games
True to its name, Realtime Gaming (or RTG) brings players one of the most realistic gaming experiences ever created. Graphics are crisp, game play is intuitive and the overall game process is one of top quality interactive play.

The RTG game portfolio consists of over 100 brilliant games, each one created to inspire, reward and entertain.

The site has an excellent selection of table games, including Blackjack, Caribbean Hold’em Poker, Let’em Ride and Tri Card Poker. In the video poker department, players can choose games such as Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Jackpot Poker. Casinos powered by this software are well known for the selection of unique specialty games, and players will find offerings such as Bonus Bingo, Hot Dice, Lucky 8′s and Sic Bo at Cuba Club.

Slots are what Realtime Gaming is particularly good at and nobody can try this site without accessing the Real Series Video Slots that are here in abundance. This superb collection of slot games means literally hours of entertainment for players as they enjoy graphics and sound features that are second to none, breathtaking bonus rounds and top rewards. Names such as Aztec’s Millions, Enchanted Garden, Funky Monkey and Jackpot Piñatas should appeal to players at any skill level.

In addition, players will find a huge number of progressive jackpots with lots of loot waiting to be won.

Bonuses and Promotions
This online casino gets straight to the point when it comes to offering its players bonuses and promotions – if it’s generous and brings you lots of rewards, you’ll find it right here! Players can take their pick from very lucrative free chip bonuses to a dual sign up bonus and even promotions that reward exceptionally well for specific games found at the site.

The bonuses and promotions are designed with simplicity in mind, with comfortable wagering requirements.

Payment and Payouts
To play for real money at Cuba Club Casino, players will naturally need to deposit money into their online casino account. Here, they will find a handful of convenient payment methods with which to fund their accounts, including a few alternative options. Withdrawing winnings from this site is also considered fast and hassle free.

All possible measures are used to provide players with secure money transactions, using security connections SSL (certified by Verisign). All personal information that players provide is considered confidential and is not shared with any other person or group. In addition, this site has a strict anti-spam policy and will not inundate players will useless information to their email boxes.

There are a number of ways that players can contact this online casino should they have a problem or query. Customer service representatives reply almost immediately if contacted through the 24/7 email service, or for truly instant help, the site also offers live support with chat features.

Cuba Club Casino
For a site that offers that same mellow feeling of smoking a nice fat Havana cigar, combined with the excitement of a superb software package, non stop gaming entertainment through a huge selection of titles and the chance of winning life changing amounts, players can’t go wrong here. Combined with top notch support, tough security and great bonuses and promotions and Cuba Club Casino is definitely a first choice for players.

This information was accurate when it was written but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all information directly with the casino. is the ultimate online casino guide giving you all the information you need to choose the right online casino for you. It’s a great resource for information on finding a reputable online casino like Cuba Club Casino along with over 325 more online casino reviews.

2010 Aug 14

Free Casino Fun ~ Where to Find It

There are many online free no deposit bonus casino offered to attract gamblers to try their casino games. A player can access this bonus once he agrees to create an authentic player account. A player can play real games using this bonus and keep his winnings if the wagering requirements of the bonus are met.

A player might be wondering why no-deposit bonus are being offered by online casinos. If the player has been playing online casino for quite sometime he knows the reason why. But for those who are just beginning to enjoy the game would be happy to take no-deposit bonus and thank the online casino for giving him the money for free.

Digging deeper into it, online casinos are similar to other businesses who want to make a profit from their customers. It is impossible for them to offer free items without a reason behind it. They are banking on new players being careless with the bonuses on offer. Nevertheless, from the experienced player’s point of view, no-deposit bonus are great, especially if the player wants to try the playing environments of online gambling. Based on casino’s point of view, no-deposit bonus serves 3 purposes:

Free no-deposit bonus casino is the most efficient starting point for newbie gamblers to online casino. Players who are beginners to online gambling are hesitant to sign up because of the need to provide the site with their card number. They would search for other sites that do not require submitting their credit card number. That is why they are offering free no-deposit bonus to attract new players to sign up real player account. By signing up they will allow the player to try the online casino games without asking them to place some real bets. Not all signing up for a game will agree to deposit after he consumed the free money. Upon signing up for real player account he can now get the no-deposit bonus. The player must provide his real contact information to get his bonus. His information will now be into the casino’s prospect list where they will try to entice the player to a deposit at a later date. An online game is the most addictive game that makes people to continue to play until they get the amount of winning that they want. No-deposit bonuses are offered to encourage players to make his first deposit and continue playing the game. This will make the player stay and becomes the casino’s regular customer. The player will be having benefits that he will truly enjoy.

In conclusion, no-deposit bonus is created primarily as a marketing strategy. It works for both the players and online casinos as well. The main objective in giving out bonuses is to invite new players to make his first deposit and play online game using real money. It also serves as the reason why most of their players stay with them in longer time. If a player was able to master all the bonuses that the online casino is offering the player will not have a hard time earning the profit that they want. So, what are you waiting for make a bet and throw that virtual dice!

Get access to the best FREE online casinos at Free Casino Fun

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2010 Aug 14

Aztec Riches Casino | Non-Stop Promotions

With its lush green coloring and hint of an ancient South American civilization jungle theme, Aztec Riches Casino is alluring and exciting from the get-go. This site has obviously gone to great lengths to provide its players with an all round gaming experience that incorporates quality with a safe environment.

The casino is powered by the reputable Microgaming software group, which makes it a member of the Interactive Gaming Council – a group that ensures that member sites operate under a strict code of conduct that guarantees fair and honest gaming. In addition, the casino is licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

The site is available in multiple languages, including French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Software and Games
What more can be said about the superb Microgaming games portfolio? This online casino has hand picked over 200 of the very best Microgaming titles and offers them to its players for non stop entertainment and amazing rewards. The games include card and table games, slots and many progressive jackpot games to really put some punch to those credits.

Microgaming graphics are as realistic as they come, and, combined with superb animations, great sound features and great styles, players will never be bored.

Games to look out for at this site include the entire Gold Series Blackjack collection, scores of video poker variants, including the new Bonus Deuces Poker Wild, exciting reel slots such as Cosmic Cat and Jurassic Jackpot, and a wide range of video slots, including the new Kung Fu Monkey, Pure Platinum, Wooly World and Jewels of the Orient.

The games are available in a full downloadable version or in Flash format for instant gaming gratification.

Bonuses and Promotions
To try out the great things on offer at this online casino, players are encouraged to take a look at the many bonuses and promotions being offered. These begin with a great sign-up bonus that rewards new players in an especially generous way, giving away free cash over a three tiered system to really make that cash go far.

Refer-a-Friend bonuses, loyalty promotions and lots of other perks are offered on a regular basis at this site.

In addition, players at Aztec Riches are awarded VIP loyalty points through the very lucrative Casino Rewards program, allowing them to combine their VIP points from any casino that is a member of the program.

Payment and Payouts
Banking at this online casino is a breeze, as it is obvious that management has shopped around for the most efficient and hassle-free systems through which players can fund their online casino accounts and withdraw their winnings.

Banking methods include the more obvious credit cards, to the less mainstream but equally effective methods, for the ultimate in convenience and discretion.

Independently reviewed Random Number Generators are employed at this site, and the results published by independent auditors on a regular basis. In addition, players can track their betting and gaming history through handy tools such as PlayCheck and CashCheck to keep an eye on transactions.

While this online casino site sets out to provide fun and entertainment for its players, it nevertheless takes its security matters very seriously. The most effective steps are taken to ensure that players are able to gamble in a safe and secure environment, protected by the last word in internet security – including 128-bit encryption whenever data is transferred.

Assistance is available through an efficient customer support team 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The call center can be reached via email, toll-free phone numbers and even via live chat for instant assistance in real time. The site also activates a call back service where players simply send an email with their full telephone number and someone from the customer support team calls them right back.

Aztec Riches Casino
With its great jungle theme, reputable Microgaming software platform, endless games and excellent graphics, Aztec Riches Casino spells entertainment from the word go. Combined with generous bonuses, non-stop promotions, easy banking methods and top security and support, this is one site that is worth a visit by even the most discerning online casino player.

This information was accurate when it was written but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all information directly with the casino. is the ultimate online casino guide giving you all the information you need to choose the right online casino for you. It’s a great resource for information on finding a reputable online casino like Aztec Riches Casino along with over 350 more online casino reviews.

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